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L& E-Chapt 14-15-16

Chapter 14-15-No vocab on 16

Concepts General term referring to any product of conception
Infanticide A type of homicide consisting of killing the newborn
Mitosis The process by which the cell splits into two new cells, each having the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
Ovum The female germ cell
Quickening The first perceptible movement of the fetus in the uterus
Spermatozoon The male germ cell
Therapeutic Abortion Abortion performed to preserve the life of health of the mother
Zygote The fertilized ovum; the cell produced by the union of gametes
Code Red Medical slang indicating a life-or-death emergency
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Sometimes called medical proxy; the legal right to act on another s behalf in making health care decisions
Euthanasia From the Greek for "Good death", willfully causing or allowing death to keep a person with incurable disease from suffering, more commonly used today to express active euthanasia
Living Will Legal document, voluntarily made by an adult, stating what treatment and procedures that person wants done in the event of a terminal illness, especially when the person is comatose or incompetent
Patient Self-Determination Act Federal law requiring institutions giving medical care to inform client of their option to use advance directives such as living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care
Physician's Directive A state's response to the living will; called the Natural Death Act
Created by: spoon6464