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Brain Blood Supply

Chapter 17- Blood Supply of the Brain

Begins at bifurcation of common carotid a. Internal carotid a.
Divides into anterior & middle cerebral aa. at the medial end of the lateral cerebral sulcus Internal carotid a.
First branch of ICA; supplies optic nerve, eye, other orbital structures Ophthalmic a.
Branch of ICA that is part of the COW Posterior communicating a.
Ends in, and supplies, choroid plexus; also gives off numerous small branches & supplies parts of deep cerebral strucutres (crus cerebri; lateral geniculate body; optic tract; internal capsule) Choroidal a.
Has 3 branches: anterior communicating, cortical branches, & central branches Anterior cerebral a. (ACA)
Only single artery in COW; joins the anterior cerbral aa. from each side Anterior communicating a. (of the ACA)
supply all medial surface of cerebral cortex; lateral surface along very top (dorsal) surface; supplies "leg area" of precentral gyrus Anterior communicating a. (of the ACA)
The largest branch of the ICA; runs laterally in lateral cerebral sulcus; supplies all motor area except "leg area"; has cortical branches and central branches Middle Cerebral a. (MCA)
What are the branches of the ICA (cerebral portion)? Ophthalmic a; Posteiror communicating a; Choroidal a; ACA; MCA
What is a branch of the first part of the subclavian a.? Vertebral a.
At lower border of pons (ventral brainstem) the 2 vertebral aa. joint to form what artery? Basilar a.
What are the branches of the basilar artery? Posterior cerebral a (PCA); Central branches; Choroidal branch
Joined by posterior communicating branch of ICA; its cortical branches supply inferolateral & medial temporal lobe & the lateral & medial surface of occipital lobe, & the visual/occipital cortex; choroidal br. supplies choroid plexus of lat & 3rd vent. Posterior Cerebral a. (PCA)
What supplies the dorsal-most strip of lateral cerebral cortex of frontal lobe stopping at the parietal-occipital sulcus? ACA
What supplies lateral surface of frontal cortex from central sulcus rostrally, parts of lateral parietal lobes, superior temporal gyrus & part of middle temporal gyrus & insula MCA
Which artery is tough to clot because of its large size? MCA
What supplies part of parietal lobe, all of occipital lobe, lower part of middle temporal gyrus, and all of the inferior temporal gyrus? PCA
What are the 2 major branches of the ACA? They supply the medial cerebrum. Pericallosal & Callosomarginal
Which artery supplies most of the anterior-medial cerebral surface (from frontal through anterior parietal lobe & the entire paracentral lobule) ACA
What minimally supplies the medial cerebrum (subcortical structures & temporal pole)? MCA
What supplies the parietal lobe caudal to the parieto-occipital sulcus, parietal & occipital cortices, & parts of subcortical structures? PCA
What supplies the medial frontal lobe? ACA
What artery's deep branches supply basal ganglia & internal capsule, and the ventral frontal lobe & extension of temporal lobe that "wraps" around to the ventral surface? MCA
What supplies most of ventral temporal lobe, all of occipital lobe, & a lot of the cerebral base? PCA
What arteries are aka the central branches? They supply the subcortical structures. Lenticulostriate aa.
The lenticulostriate a. is aka the? The recurrent a. of Heubner is aka the? Lateral striate; Medial striate
If the ICA is occluded, there will be major issues for areas supplies by which two arteries? ACA & MCA
Which artery supplies the IC- posterior limb & genu & are small, central branches of MCA? Lenticulostriate/lateral striate
Which artery supplies IC- anterior limb & part of basal ganglia, and are small, central branches of the ACA? Medial striate/recurrent artery of Heubner
What happens when there is a small, localized area of damage in IC? Lacunar stroke
S/sx of lacunar stroke Paralysis of lower face & contralateral UE/LE; common in people with HTN that don't even know about it.
What type of nerve supply do the cerebral arteries have? Sympathetic postganglionic nerve fibers (sympathetic system responsible for vasomotor tone)
Stimulation of nerves around cerebral arteries causes what? Vasoconstriction of cerebral arteries (this is bad!)
Rise in carbon dioxide and hydrogen, & decreased oxygen leads to what? Increased vasodilation
Where are veins of the brain located? Subarachnoid space; pierce arachnoid mater & meningeal layer of dura; drain into cranial venous sinuses
External Cerebral v. branches Superior cerebral,Superficial middle cerebral, Deep middle cerebral, Anterior cebral & Striate vv.
Superior cerebral v. Empties into superior sagittal sinus; drains lateral surface
Superficial middle cerebral v. Empties into cavernous sinus; drains lateral surface
Deep middle cerebral v. Drains insula
Anterior cerebral & striate vv. form basilar v.; joins great cerebral v.; drains into straight sinus
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