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Jacob Burckhardt argued that the Renaissance marked the birth of the modern world.
Cosimo a wealthy banker, head of the government. Maintained appearance of republican form of government. Commissioned works of art to beautify city and encouraged architects to construct new churches.
Marsillo Ficino priest, Florence's first dictator.
Girolamo Savonarola fiery Dominican priest. Expelled Medici, scholars, and patrons of the arts. Burned documents.
Francesco Sforza mercenary soldier, seized control of government. Ruled Milan until France and Spain gained control of northern Italy in late 15th century.
Francesco Petrarch first writer to express humanist spirit. "founder of humanism" Popular work=The Ascent of Mount Vertoux. Created form known as the Petrarchan sonnet.
Baldassare Castiglione The Book of the Courtier- ideal courtier is intelligent, charming, chivalrous, honorable, and skillful in sports.
Giotto First important painter of the early Italian Renaissance. Broke away from the forms of medieval Gothich and BYzantine art. Inspired his successors to study nature so that they could depict the real world.
Tommaso Guidi developed rules of perspective. Best Known Work=The Tribute Money. example of the use of the principle "continuous narration"
Sandro Botticelli sponsored by the Medici in Florence, influenced by the mysticism of Neoplatonism. Best known work=Birth of Venus.
Lorenzo Ghiberti "The Magnificent" winner of contests to sculpt bronze doors for the north side of the Baptistery.
Filippo Brunelleschi Also in the competition for sculpting the bronze doors.
Donatello sculptor, Florence, worked for Ghiberti. patron=Cosimo de Medici. Most famous work=Statue of David.
Leonardo Da Vinci painter, sculptor,Florence. Patron=Lodovico Aforza (Duke of Milan) Famous works= Last Supper, Mona Lisa.
Michelangelo Bunarroti Sculptor,painter, architect, poet. Carved the Pieta. Painted the Sistene Chapel.
Raphael (Raffaello Santi) painter, Urbino. Most famous painting= School of Athens
Titian (Tiziana Vecellio) Venetian artist. frescoes and murals, MFW=Sacred and Profane Love.
Benvenuto Cellini Patron=King Francis I of France. Consultant on royal fortifications.
Giovanni Boccaccio Florentine writer. MFW=Decameron (ten days)
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola studied the Talmud under Jewish scholars. Wanted to reconcile the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Published a collection of 900 philosophical treatises. BKW=Oration on the Dignity of Man.
Machiavelli writer, BKW=The Prince
Johann Reuchlin Published the first Hewbrew grammar north of the Alps. helped with the understanding of the Old Testament texts.
Francois Rabelais BKW=Gargantua and Panatagruel=relates the adventures of two giants who revel in all the known pleasures of the world.
Desiderius Erasmus "Prince of the Humanists" First formal schooling at Brethren and Sisters of the Common Life (founded by Gerhard Groote) BKW=The Adages, The Praise of Folly: Manual of a Christian Soldier
Thomas More English humanist. Knighted by Henry VIII. executed for refusing to recognize king as head of the Church. BKW=Utopia
Jan Van Eyck Flemish artist. Rediscovered and developed techniques of oil painting. BKW=Ghent altarpiece.
Pieter Breughel the Elder Flemish painter, characters in paintings= exaggerated, distorted, ugly, reflecting the influence of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.
Hieronymus Bosch paintings have frightening, other-worldly qualities.
Hans Holbein the Younger German, court painter for Henry VIII. Sent to paint Henry's to-be wives.
Albrecht Durer Greates artist of the Northern Renaissance.
William Caxton Englishman. Learned about printing in Cologne. Set up own printing press. Printed first book in English- Canterbury Tales and Morte d'Arthur.
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