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Ch 12 voc. review 2

Surgical Procedures of Bone

procedure to remove all or part of an extremity because of trauma or circulatory disease. amputation
amputat/o- amput/o- to cut off
-ee person who is the object of an action
procedure to remove an accumulation of fluid in a joint by using a needle inserted into the joint space arthrocentesis
-centesis procedure to puncture
procedure to fuse the bones in a degenerated, unstable joint arthrodesis
-desis procedure to fuse together
procedure that uses an arthroscope inserted into the joint to visualize the inside of a joint and its structures arthroscopy
-scopy process of using an instrument to examine
-scope instrument used to examine
-opsy view of
scop/o- examine with an instrument
procedure that uses whole bone or bone chips to repair fractures with extensive bone loss or defects due to bone cancer. bone graft
-graft tissue for implant or transplant
bone taken from the patient's own body is a/an..... autograft
auto- self
frozen or freeze-dried bone taken from a cadaver is a/an..... allograft
all/o- other; strange
bunion/o- bunion
-ectony surgical excision
procedure that is an alternative to a total knee replacement. it is used to treat middle-aged adults with degenerative joint disease of the knee who have an active life cartilage transplantation
transplant/o- move something to another place
procedure to treat a complicated fracture. an external fixator orthopedic device has metal pins that are inserted into the bone on either side of the fracture and connected to a metal frame. external fixation
extern/o- outside
fixat/o- stable; still
this is done as a Total Hip Replacement (THR) due to disease or osteoarthritis. A metal or plastic prosthesis is inserted, could also be done on the knees, shoulders, or even on the small joints of the fingers, also known as arthroplasty joint replacement surgery
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
procedure to treat a complicated, an incision is made at the fracture site, the fracture is reduced (realigned), and an internal fixation is done using screws, nails or plates to hold the fragments in correct anatomical alignment open reduction and internal fixation
reducto/o- to bring back; decrease
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