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Ch 12 voc. review 2

Medical Procedures of Bone

______ of plaster or fiberglass is applied around a fracture bone and adjacent areas to immobilize the fracture in a fixed position to facilitate healing cast
procedure in which manual manipulation of a displaced fracture is performed so that the bone ends go back into normal alignment without the need of surgery closed reduction
reduct/o- to bring back; decrease
procedure in which sound waves originating outside the body (extracorporeal) are used to break up bony spurs and treat other minor but painful problems of the foot extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)
extra- outside of
corpor/o- body
procedure in which a goniometer is used to measure the range of movement (ROM) of a joint goniometry
goni/o- angle
-metry process of measuring
-meter instrument used to measure
orthopedic device such as a brace, splint, or collar that is used to immobilize or correct an orthopedic problem, it is often custom made to fit the patient orthosis
orth/o- straight
procedure that uses active or passive exercises to improve a patient's range of motion, joint mobility, strength, and balance while walking physical therapy
physic/o- body
orthopedic device such as an artificial leg that is used by a patient who has had an amputation of a limb prosthesis
prosthet/o- artificial part
procedure that uses a weight to pull the bone ends of a fracture into correct alignment traction
tract/o- pulling
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