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Ch 12 voc. review 2

Lab Test, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Procedures

blood test that is positive in patients with rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid factor (RF)
blood test that has an elevated level in patients with gout and gouty arthritis uric acid
procedure that uses a radiopaque contrast dye that is injected into a joint arthrography
-graphy process of recording
-gram record or picture
procedure that measures the bone mineral density BMD to determine if demineralization from osteoporosis has ocurred bone density test
density test uses two x-ray beams with different energy levels to create a 2 dimensional image DEXA scan
density test uses an x-ray beam and a CT scan to create a 3 dimensional image quantative computerized tomography
tom/o- cut; slice; layer
densit/o- density
-metry measuring
nuclear medicine in which phosphate compound is tagged with the radioactive tracer technetium-99, this is injected intravenously and is taken up to into the bone bone scintigraphy
scint/i- point of light
is used to diagnose bony abnormalities in any part of the body. these are the primary means for diagnosing fractures, dislocations and bone tumors x-ray
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