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Trials of the Successor States in Eastern Europe and the Weimar Republic in Germ

In the 1920s what was the primary challenge for Germany, Poland, Austtria, Czechoslovakia,and the other successor states? It was to make new parliamentary governments function in a satisfactory and stable manner.
Which of the new states was finacially independent? Czechoslovakia
What was the only central European successor state escaped the fate of self-imposed authoritarian government? Czechoslovakia
In 1938 in Munich, why did the great powers first divde the liberal Czechoslovakia? To appease Hitler's aggressive instincts.
In 1932 who succeeded Count Stephen Bethlen and pursued anit-Semitism policies and rigged elections? General Julius Gombos
In 1934 Christian Socialist Engelbert Dollfuss outlawed what? All political parties except the Christian Socialists, the agrarians, and the parliamentary groups that composed his own Fatherland Front.
Between the Croats and the Serbs, who was Roman Catholic or Orthodox, better educated, and the government administration was less corrupt? Croats-Roman Catholic, better educated, and less corrupt
The violent clash of nationalities eventully led to a royal dictatorship in Yugoslavia in 1929 under who? King Alexander I who outlawed all polictical parties and jailed popular politicians.
What did the Article 48 of the Weimar Republic allow? It allowed the president to rule by decree in an emergency, so it permitted a temporary presidential dictatorship.
What produced a cataclysmic inflation in the German Weimar Republic? The French invasion of the Ruhr in January 1923 and the German response of passive resistance.
In November 1923 an American dollar was worth how much more than a German marks? More than 800 million
When Hilter moved to Munic, what small nationalistic, anti-Semitic political party did he beccome apart of? The National Socialist German Workers' Party, better known as the Nazis
During Hilter's time in jail, wehat was the name of the book he dictated? Mein Kampf, or My Struggle
What was the Dawes Plan of 1924? It lowered the annual payments and allowed them to vary according to the fortunes of the Gernman economy.
What were some of the agreements in the Locarno Agreements of October 1925? France and Germany accepted the western frontier established at Paris legitimate. Britain and Italy agreed to intervene against which ever side violated the frontier or if Gernmany sent troops into the demilitarized Rhineland.
Created by: Cianci