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Chapt 8-10


What covers the trachea so that food doesn't go into the lungs when you swallow. Epiglottis
Medical term for throwing up? Emesis
Inflammation of a pouch in the colon? Diverticulitis
Medical term for gallstones? Cholithiasis
Vericose Vein in the rectum? Hemorroid
Nothing by Mouth? NPO
Disease that destroys the cells of the liver? Cirrhosis
Kidney Stone? Nephrolethiasis
Visual Examination of the bladder? Cystoscopy
Patient produces no urine at all? Anuria
Blood in the urine? Glomerulonephritis
Difference between Ureter and Urethra? Ureters - organs in the Urinary System that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder Urethra - Tube that leads from the bladder to the outside of the body.
Visual exam of colon? Colonoscopy
Loss of appetite? Anorexia
Difference between Inguinal, Abdominal, and Hiatal hernias? Inguinal - Small intestine protrudes through abdominal muscles into the groin region. Abdominal-
Where is the appendix? Attached to the cecum, inferior.
Where is bile produced? Liver
Where is bile stored? Gallbladder
Medical term for removal of gallbladder? Cholecystectomy
Chol/e Bile, Gall
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the gallbladder
Cholelithiasis Gallstones
Diverticulitis Inflamed sac in the intestinal tract.
Enter/o Small Intestine
Gingivitis Inflamed gums
Or/o Mouth
Where does urine formation take place? Kidneys
Tube inserted in the urethra to drain urine from bladder? Catheter
Abbreviation for urinalysis? UA
Xray of the kidneys (renal pelvis) using a dye injected into the veins? Retrograde Pylogram
Pus in the urine? Pyuria
Back-up of urine in kidneys causing distention? Hydronephrosis
baby at first 8 weeks of pregnancy? Embryo
Term for a fertilized egg? Zygote
Term for baby after first 8 weeks of pregnancy? Fetus
Difference between abortion and spontaneous abortion? Abortion is planned, spontaneous is unplanned.
Med term for menstrual cramps? dysmenorrhea
What is "abruptio placenta"? Premature separation of the placenta from the uterus wall.
Benign tumors of the uterus? Fibroids
Area between urethra and the anal opening? Perineum
Difference of between multipara and multigravida? Multipara - Women who have given birth to multiple children. Multigravida - Women who have had multiple pregnancies.
The beginning of menstruation? Menarche
End of menstruation? Menopause
What is the length of time during pregnancy? Gestation
Excess amount of fluid around the testes? Hydrocele
Difference between urethra in a male vs female? Male urethra transports both semen and urine.
Algia Pain
Cyst/o Urinary bladder
Dysuria Painful or difficulty urinating.
incontinence Loss of bladder control
Lith/o Stone
Micturation Urination
Centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
colp/o Vagina
Mast/0 Breast
OOphor/o ovary
orch/o testes
PSA Blood test to screen for prostrate cancer. Prostrate Specific Antigens
Renal Cortex Outer shell of the kidney
Nephron functional unit of the kidneys
Menstrual Monthly Cycle
Spermatazoa Immature sperm cells
Where is sperm made? Testes
Where is mature sperm stored? Epididymus
Duodenum First section of small intestines.
Partoid Glands A pair of salivary glands located in the front of the ears
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