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Male Anatomy OE

Scrotum Sac-like pouch in the groin that has 2 basic functions; to shelter the testes and regulate temperature
Testes Two males gonads inside the scrotum that secrete hormone and produce sperm cells
Testosterone Primary male hormone; responsible for puberty in males
Seminiferous tubules Coiled network of tubes that fill the sections in each testicle; where sperm are produced
Epididymis Comma-shaped structure found on the upper surfaces of the testes; sperm mature 2-6 weeks here before released
Vas deferens Two-long, thin tubes that extend from the epididymis up through the prostate gland to connect with the urethra
Seminal vesicles Two small glands at the end of the vas deferens that secrete a fluid rich in sugar nutrient to provide energy for sperm
Shaft Main body of penis
Prostate gland Gland that produces an alkaline fluid that aides in sperm longevity
Cowper's gland Two pea-sized glands located on either side of urethra that secrete a lubricating fluid
Pre-coital fluid Small amount of seminal fluid that leaks prior to climax; aids in lowering acidity in urethra for future sperm
Urethra Tube-like passageway that runs from urinary bladder to outside tip of penis; passageway for urine and semen
Penis Male organ of sexual pleasure, reproduction, and urination
Glans Tip or head of penis
Foreskin Circular fold of loose skin that covers glans of the penis in males who are not circumcised
Erection Involuntary process that occurs when chambers inside penis fill with blood, causing penis to swell and elongate
Orgasm Biological process of reaching a max sexual climax; causes the ejaculation to occur
Ejaculation Sudden discharge of semen during an orgasm
Circumcision Surgical removal of foreskin from penis; typically done within 48 hours of birth
Smegma Cheesy substance that can form under the foreskin
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