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Cianci- Greenstein

The Fascist Experiment in Italy AND Joyless Victors

Fascism governments that were anti-Marxist, antiparliamentary,and frequently anti-semetic
"Bands of Combat" (Fasci de Combattimento) group formed in 1919 that consisted of Italian war veterans that felt they had been cheated out of victory and opposed Socialism
Benito Mussolini leader of the Fasci de Combattimento who had the goal of political survival within Italy
Gabriele D'Annunzio Italian nationalist writer and spokesman of the Fasci who led patriotic Italians to seize Fiume
March on Rome (Black Shirt March) in October of 1922 when the Fascists in their characteristic black shirts marched haphazardly through Rome
Election of 1924 Fascists won complete control over the Chamber of Deputies
By what year had Mussolini dissolved all other political parties in Italy and taken complete dictatorial power? 1926
Year that the Italian government limited the number of women employees in both government and private offices to no more than ten percent: 1938
"Blue Horizon Chamber" nickname for the Chamber of Deputies in France after WW1 due to a predominance of conservative military officers in blue uniforms
In 1922 while the other European powers were holding a conference at Genoa, which two countries were having their own meeting in Rapallo? Russia and Germany
Sinn Fein: "Ourselves Alone" Movement extremist party that took power once the Irish nationalist leaders were executed in 1916
Created by: Cianci