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Female Anatomy OE

Labia majora Outer lips, or heavy folds of skin, surrounding the opening of the vagina
Clitoris Small, highly sensitive sensory organ located near top of the vulva; main site of sexual stimulation
Urethra Short tube that serves as passageway for urine
Hymen Thin membrane that stretches across vaginal opening; can be broken during first sexual intercourse
Breasts Organs consisting of fatty tissue and mammary gland tissue; produces milk for newborn
Areola Darkened area in center of each breast; surrounds nipple
Vagina Muscular passageway that serves as female organ of intercourse; birth canal
Uterus Organ that prepares each month to receive fertilized egg; womb
Cervix Lowest part of uterus that connects to the vagina; opening the size of a straw
Endometrium Inner lining of uterus where blastocyst implants; breaks down to cause menstruation if no egg is fertilized
Fallopian tubes Two 4 inch long tubes through which the egg travels from ovaries to uterus; site where fertilization occurs
Ovaries Two almond-shaped organs that produce eggs and secrete female hormones
Tubal ligation Surgery in which fallopian tubes are cut and tied to prevent reproduction
Estrogen Hormone secreted by ovaries; primary female hormone
Ovulation Release of mature egg from ovary; occurs once a month on the 14th day after start of menstruation
PID An infection, typically the result of an STD, which takes place in the pelvic region and can cause infertility
Menstruation Process by which the lining of the uterus is expelled each month if pregnancy does not occur
Cilia Tiny hairs that line the walls of the fallopian tubes to help move the egg into the uterus
Ova Another word for eggs; female sex cell
Menopause Stage of life when monthly menstruation stops making a woman infertile; usually occurs between ages 45-55
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