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Junior Med Tech

Digestive System Diseases

Acute inflammation of the appendix Appendicitis
S/S RLQ pain, N/V, fever, increased WBC's Appendicitis
Inflammation of the gallbladder Cholecystitis
The 5 F's associated with Cholecystitis Fair, Fat, Female, Flatulence, Forty
Symptoms occur after eating fatty foods Cholecystitis
Chronic destruction of the liver, followed by formation of fibrous connective & scar tissue Cirrhosis of the liver
Fecal matter remains in the colon too long Constipation
Treatment of constipation Fluids, enema, high fiber diet, & exercise
Causes of constipation Frequent enemas, low fiber diet, sedentary life style
Frequent watery stools Diarrhea
Treatment of diarrhea Fluids, eliminate the cause,change the diet
Pouches form in intestine as mucosal lining pushes through the surrounding muscle Diverticula
Inflammation of the diverticula Diverticulitis
S/S of diverticulitis Abdominal pain, irregular BM's, flatus, N/V
Treatment of diverticulitis Antibiotics(ATB), pain meds, stool softeners, possible bowel surgery
Inflammation of the mucus membrane that lines the stomach and intestine Gastroenteritis
Causes of Gastroenteritis Food poisoning, infections and toxins
Treatment of Gastroenteritis Rest, increase fluids,severe cases antibiotics
S/S of Gastroenteritis N/V/D cramping, fever
painful, dialated varicose veins of the rectum and/or anus Hemorrhoids
Causes of hemorrhoids Straining to defecate, constipation, pregnancy, decrease liquid intake, prolonged sitting
S/S hemorrhoids pain, itching and bleeding
Treatment of hemorrhoids high fiber diet, stool softeners, increase fluids, sitz bath, warm moist compresses, some cases hemorrhoidectomy
Viral inflammation of the liver Hepatitis
Transmitted in food or water contaminated by the feces of an infected person Hepatitis A
Vaccine is available for these types of Hepatitis A and B
S/S of hepatitis fever, anorexia, N/V, fatigue, clay colored stool , enlarged liver, jaundice
Treatment of hepatitis rest, diet high in protein and calories, low in fat. Liver transplant for severe cases
internal organ pushes through a weakened area or natural opening in a body wall Hernia
Stomach protrudes through the abdominal wall into the esophagus Hiatal hernia
S/S hiatal hernia heart burn, stomach distenetion, CP, difficult swallowing, bland diet, small meals, surgery
Inflammation of the pancreas Pancreatitis
Pancreatic enzymes begin to digest the pancreas itself Pancreatitis
Causes of pancreatitis excessive alcohol abuse, gallstones blocking common bile duct, or unknown
S/S of Pancreatitis Abdominal pain, N/V, diaphoresis, and jaundice
Treatment of pancreatitis Analgesics, cholecystectomy, nutritional support
Peritonitis inflammation of the abdominal peritoneal cavity
Causes of peritonitis rupture in the intestines, gallbladder or appendix
S/S of peritonitis abdominal pain and distention, fever, N/V
Treatment for peritonitis Antibiotics, possible surgery
Opening on the lining of the digestive tract ulcer
Cause of ulcers of the digestive tract H.pylori bacteria
Ulcer treatment Antibiotics, Pepto-Bismol,possible surgery
Severe inflammation of the colon, Ulcerative colitis
Cause of ulcerative colitis Stress, food allergy, autoimmune reaction
S/S ulcerative colitis Diarrhea containing blood, mucus and pus, weight loss, abdominal pain, anemia and anorexia
Treatment of colitis reduce stress, proper nutrition, possible surgery-colostomy
The folloiwng s/s could be : N/V/D fever, fatigue, anorhexia, jaundice? Hepatitis A , B or C
Created by: Ms. Blair



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