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Study Guide Ch 16

Chabner, Language of Medicine 8th Edition, Chpt 16 Skin

1) A type of epithelial cell in the epidermis is a ...? squamous cell
2) dermis is the ...? middle layer of skin
3) a hard protein material found in the epidermis keratin
4) structural protein found in skin and connective tissues collagen
5) Xer/o dry
6) pertaining to "under a nail" subungual
7) what is the combining form meaning "skin" cutane/o
8) Absence of pigment in skin Albinism
9) Inflammation of the soft tissue around a nail paronychia (for some reason this is not an -itis) but do remember that this inflammation is ParonyCHIA
10) profuse sweating diaphoresis
11) fungal infection trichomycosis (myco = fungus)
12) fatty mass within a sebaceous gland steatoma (steat/o = fatty, -oma = tumor/mass)
13) a wheal is a/an: hive
14) bullae large blisters
15) pustule small abscess
16) itching pruritus - note the spelling "U" at the end.
17) keloid thickened scar
18) inflammatory disease of the joints and collagen of the skin; can affect other organs of the body systemic lupus erythematosus
19) moles that can develop into malignant melanoma dysplastic nevi (oddly shaped moles that morph or change colors)
20) bed sore; break in continuity of skin decubitus ulcer
21) chronic recurrent dermatosis with silvery gray scales covering red patches in skin psoriasis
22) a dermatomycosis tinea (ringworm) fungal infection. myco - fungus.
23) white patches of a nucous membrane of tongue or cheek leukoplakia
24) connective tissue in the skin hardens scleroderma
25) layers of growth are removed and examined microscopically in a procedure called...? Mohs surgery
26) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- circumscribed collection of clear fluid (blister) vesicle
27) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- smooth, slightly elevated edematous area (hive) wheal
28) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- discolored, flat lesion (freckle) macule
29) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- groove or crack-like sore fissure
30) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- mushroom-like growth extending from the surface of a mucous membrane polyp
31) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- circumscribed collection of pus pustule
32) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- closed sac containing fluid or semi-solid material cyst
33) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- open sore or erosion of skin ulcer
34) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- solid elevation of the skin (pimple) papule
35) Name That Cutaneous Lesion! -- larger than 1 cm solid elevation of the skin nodule
36) Name the Skin Condition! -- build up of sebum and keratin in pores of the skin leading to papular and pustular eruptions acne
37) Name the Skin Condition! -- fungal skin infection tinea (ringworm) is a fungual infection
38) Name the Skin Condition! -- chronic hardening and shrinking of connective tissue scleroderma
39) Name the Skin Condition! -- bedsore decubitis ulcer
40) Name the Skin Condition! -- necrosis of skin tissue resulting from ischemia gangrene
41) Name That Skin Conditon! -- contagious, infectious pyoderma impetigo
42) Name the Skin Condition! -- chronic, recurrent dermatosis marked by silvery gray scales covering red patches on the skin psoriasis
43) Name the Skin Condition! -- cancerous tumor composed of melanocytes malignant melanoma
44) Name the Skin Condition! -- widespread inflammatory disease of joints and collagen of the skin with "butterfly" rash on the face Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
45) Name the Skin Condition! -- chronic or acute inflammatory skin disease with erythematous, pustular, or papular lesions eczema
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