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mop ch 6-8

mop ch 6-8 review-newkirk

this is determining the priority for treatment of of patient's in the office or the phone triage
this type of consent is not a written contract but an example is nodding your head yes. implied consent
in a medical record, it is acceptable to use white out. false
copies/faxes should be filed in the client's chart. true or false. true
POMR stands for problem-oriented medical record.
In SOAP charting the "a" stands for assessment
In SOAP charting the "s" stands for subjective
In SOAP charting the "o" stands for objective
In soap charting the "p" stands for plan
these are the type of the symptoms that are felt by the patient subjective symptoms
these are the type of sympoms in a patient that u see. objective
this is known as the symptoms causing the most trouble. the chief complaint
this type of immunity activates antibody production when the body is attacked by pathogens cell-mediated immunity
an example of this type of immunity is immunizations passive immunization
this is maintaining pathogen-free or pathogen-controlled envvironment asepsis
handwashing is an example of this type of asepsis medical asepsis
OSHA was established in this year 1970
this virus is causee by inflammation of the liver. hepatitis
hep A and Hep E is transmitted by this route oral and fecal
True or false, there is a vaccine for HIV false
chemical process used to remove or destroy pathogens and microorganisms decontamination
this machine is used fro sensitive equipment that might be damaged by sterilization autoclave
two types of sanitation manual and ultrasonic
this type of sanitation involves soaking instruments in disinfectant and cleansing with a scrub brush manual sanitation
this level of disinfectants is used for tables or countertops low-level
this level of disinfectants are used for stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs intermediate-level
this level of disinfectants are are used for items that come in contact with mucosal membranes high-level disinfectant
this uses distilled water to heat objects greater thsn 250 degrees to sterilize autoclave
the lenght of time instruments should be in the autoclave fifteen minutes
Created by: anewkirk
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