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skeletal system

what does the skeletal system consist of? bones and accessorys the make up the joints
why does it provide framework? for support
what does movement allow?L movement by providing attachment sites for skeletal muscle
waht does the skull and ribcage protect? internal organs
what is hemopoiesis? blood formation
where is the hemopoiesis produced? in red bone marrow
what is bone tissue? connective tissue
what are osteocytes? bone cells
what is matrix? calcium salts and collegon
what are two types of bones? compact and spongy
waht is another name for compact bone? cortical bone
compact bones are made up of columns called what? osteons or haversian systems
what do haversian canals contain? blood vessels
waht are the spaces called that osteocytes are in? lacunae
what is the spongy bone known as? caucellous bone
is the spongy bone arranged in haversian systems? no
what is long bone? longer than they are wide
what is diaphysis? middle long part
what is the second name for diaphysis? shaft
what does the diaphysis contain? yellow marrow
what is metaphysis? between diaphysis and epiphysis
what growth plate does metaphysis contain? epiphystal disk
what are short bones? about the same length as width
what are flat bones? flat surfaced
wht are irregular bones? irregular shaped
short, flat and irregular bones are made of what bones?L spongy
what is articular cartilage? cartilage that covers the opposing surfaces of synovial joints
what is periosteum? fibrous connective tissue membrane that covers bone
during embryonic growth the skeleton is a template fo what ? cartilage of fiberous connective tissue
what is fontenal? soft spots of fibrous connective tissue membranes still present at birth
what are the two divisions in the human skeletan? axial skeleton and the apenicular skeleton
what part protects the heart lungs spleen and liver from mechanicl injury? rib cage
what part protects the brain from mechanicl injury? skull
what bones connect the legs to the axial? hip bone
what bone connects the arm to the axial? scapula and clavicle
what bone contains sockets for teeth? mandible and maxilae
what bone forms point of cheek? zygomatic bone
what bone forms the hard palate in mouth? maxillae and palatine bone
what bone forms the nasal spectrum? vomer and ethmoid bone
what bone contains the nasolacrimal duct? lacrimal bone
what bone contains foramen magnum? occipital bone
what bone protects the pituitary gland? spenoid bone
what bone forms the bridge of the nose? nasal bone
what four bones contain paranasal sinuses? maxillae, frontal, aqhenoid and ethmoid
what two bones is squamosal suture between? parietal and temporal
what two bones is lamvdoidal suture between? parietal and occipital
what two bones is coronal suture between? parietal and frontal
what is the sagittal suture between?the two parietal bones the two parietal bones
in the middle ear cavity which are the three auditory bones? malieus incus and stapes
what is the first cervical vertabrae called? altis
what is the second cervical vertabrae called? axis
what do the altis and axis form? pivot joint
what does the pivot join do? permitts side to side movement of the head
what do the two hip bones excellerate with? sacrum of the vertabrae column
what is the supportive part of each vertebra called? body
the bodies of adjacent vertabrae are separated by discs of what? cartilage
what are the two functions of cartillage discs? absorb shock and permit movement
what is the joint called between two vertabras? symphysis
how many pairs of true ribs are there? seven
how many pairs of false ribs are there? three
how many pairs of floating ribs are there? two
what two organs in thoracic cavity protected by mechanical injury by the ribs? heart and lungs
what are two organs in the upper abdominal cavity protected from injury by the rib cage? liver and spleen
how are the ribs pulled during inhalation? up and out
what bones form the socket for humerus? scapula
what are two bones of the forearm? radius and ulna
what bone is part of the elbow joint? ulna
how many carpals are found in each wrist? eight
what joint is found between carpals? gliding
what joint is in your thumb? saddle
the saddle permits what type of motion of the thumb? rotation or gripping
how many phalanges are in the thumb? two
how many phalanges are in each other finger? three
how amny phalanges are in one hand? fourteen
what type of joint is found between phalanges? hinge
how many metatarsals are in each foot? five
how many tarsals are found in each ankle? seven
what tarsal forms the heel? calcaneous
how many phalanges are in each foot? fourteen
how many phalanges are in the big toe? two
how many phalanges are in each other toe? three
what is articular cartilage? provides a smooth surface on the joint surfaces of bones
what is joint capsule? made of fibrous connective tissue encloses the joint like a sleeve
what is synovial membrane? lines the joint capsule and secreteds synovial fluid
what is synovial fluid? prevents friction within the joint cavity
what is bursae? sacs of synovial fluid that permit tendons to slide easily acrosss a joint
where do two bones meet? joint
what is an air cavity that opens into nasal cavity? paranasalisinus
what is the end of a long bone? ebiphysis
waht anchors tendons and ligaments? periosteum
what is smooth cartilage on joint surfaces? articular
waht fluid prevents friction as the bones move? synovial
what is the production of bone matrix? ossification
waht is compact bone made of? haversignsystems
waht produces bone matrix? osteoblasts
what is the immovable joint between cranial bones? suture
what is the soft spot in an infants skull? fontonel
what connects one bone to another bone? ligament
wahqt reabsorbs bone matrix? osteoblasts
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