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Medical Terminology test 1

Ultra excessive
algia pain
centesis surgical puncture to aspirate or removefluid
dynia pain
extasia,ectasis dilation or stretching of a structure
ectomy excision surgical removal
edema swelling
emesis to vomit, vomiting
gram to record
graph instrument used to record
graphy process of recording
lysis process of loosening, freeing,or sestroying
malacia soft softening
megaly enlargement
meter instrument used ot measure
oid resembling
penia deficiency
pexy surgical fixiation
plasty surgical repair
rrhage rrhagia excessive bleeding or hemmorraging
rrhaphy suture
rrhea flow or discharge
rrhexis rupture
scope instrument used for viewing
scopy visual examination
spasm twitching cramp
stasis stopping controlling
stomy formation of an opening
therapy treatment
tome an instrument used for cutting
tomy incision
tripsy surgical crushing
aden(o) gland
algesi(o) sensitivity to pain
angi(o) vessel
append appendic appendix
belphar eyelid
cerebr brain
chem chemical
chir hand
col colon colon or large intestine
cry cold
cutane derm dernat skin
ech sound
electro electricity
encephal brain
esthesi feeling or sensation
fluro emitting or reflecting light
mammo mast breast
narc stupor
nephr kidney
son sound
steth thorax
therapeut treatment
therm heat
tom to cut
tonsil tonsil
trache trachea windpipe
vas vessel
Created by: anoble