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Professional Ed Test

FTCE: Professional Education Test

Convergent questions are ______-_______. closed-ended
Divergent questions are ______-________. open-ended
To determine a students level of thinking a teacher should use a _________ question. focusing
To increase student interactions a teacher should use a _________ question. prompting
In order to clarify or justify an answer a teacher should use a _________ question. probing
The critical elements of verbal communication are accuracy of language, accuracy of information, standardization of language, and clearly defined __________. expectations
Questions should be determined by the lesson __________. objectives
__________ _________________includes vocal cues, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, body language, proximity, and dress. Nonverbal communication
___ ________ is an indication of a person’s openness to communication Eye contact
Body language indicates the listener’s _________ for the speaker and interest in the speaker’s message. respect
In general, nonverbal messages are __________ (more, less) powerful than verbal messages. more
Teachers who speak in a __________ are often perceived as boring and uninteresting. monotone
Eye contact with students __________ (increases, decreases) a teacher’s credibility. increases
When speaking with a preschooler, a teacher could improve communication by getting on __________ (two words) with the student. eye level
Modeling is a powerful way to __________ intended learner outcomes to students. communicate
Modeling provides the __________ to assignments that students often need to help them focus on their work in a productive way. structure
Teachers should know that everything they do in front of students is a type of __________. modeling
Teachers can use implicit modeling to encourage motivation and foster positive __________. values
Teachers need to take advantage of what students can learn in social situations such as class discussions and, in so doing, focus on developing “_________ ___ _________” in their classrooms communities of learners
_________ questions is a crucial skill that teachers use to provide focus to the discussion and elicit and extend students’ reasoning and critical thinking. Posing
Skilled facilitators use _________ questions to engage students in higher-level thinking and to generate ideas, reactions, or opinions divergent
Facilitators employ ________questions to obtain facts, to obtain specific information, to check for understanding, to ask for a different opinion, or, when appropriate, to direct the discussion toward consensus convergent
Listening in a way that indicates to the speaker that you are paying attention and hearing the speaker’s message is called __________ listening. Active
_________ or asking leading questions is the technique of providing hints or suggestions to encourage students to keep trying and not give up. Prompting
Appropriate wait time is ___ seconds. three
__________ is the technique of posing a question or prompt to students for a response or to add new insights. Redirecting
__________ _________ is the process of reaching conclusions based on implications from students’ input. Drawing inferences
In classroom discussions, it is important that __________ do most of the talking. students
In general, active classroom discourse is best promoted by the use of __________. questions. divergent
“From what you’ve read, what are the pros and cons on this issue?” is an example of a __________ question. divergent
“That is an interesting question. Class, how would you respond?” is an example of __________. redirecting
Head nodding is a nonverbal cue that can be used when __________ for additional information. probing
Praise should be __________, not global. specific
Teachers should avoid overusing praise because it can become __________ to students. meaningless
Using praise to foster competition among students is a __________ practice. poor
“Good job” is an example of __________ praise. ineffective
Students need to know when they make __________. errors
“Let me rephrase the question for you” is a way a teacher can encourage a student to keep __________. trying
Teachers should try to find something __________ to say about a student’s response prior to pointing out errors. positive
“Will you explain how you got that answer?” is an example of probing that could lead to a student _____ __________ his or her own error. self correcting
The ______ _________ prophecy means that teachers get what they expect from students. self fulfilling
Teachers should use _________ grouping practices, instead of separating high-achieving students from low achievers. heterogeneous
Teacher expectations are significantly related to student __________. achievement
Emphasize individual progress rather than __________. competition
T/F. To convey high expectations to low achievers, a teacher should set challenging, but attainable, performance standards. true
To effectively teach all students, teachers need to be aware of individual cultural __________ among students. differences
Expectations about appropriate communication vary across __________. cultures
T/F. Teachers can support their ESOL students’ communication skills by supporting and elaborating on their interactions in the classroom. true
__________ improvement is the process of engaging in professional learning Continuous
According to the School Community Professional Development Act, a district’s professional development system must be designed around a focus on increased __________ achievement. student
The four strands of the Florida Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol 2010 are __________, __________, __________, and __________. Planning, Learning, Implementing, Evaluating
T/F. The intent of the School Community Professional Development Act is to ensure that professional learning implemented in Florida’s public schools is effective in assisting the school community in improving student achievement. true
T/F. An appropriate professional development offering by a district would be one that focuses on technology. true
Planning of the professional development for an IPDP begins with a __________ assessment. needs
Disaggregated data are data that are broken down by __________. subgroups
The IPDP must include a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the professional learning toward improving __________ of the students assigned to the teacher. achievement
The IPDP must plainly show the __________ of the professional learning to performance data of the teacher’s students. relationship
A Professional ___________ ___________ is a formal, organized group of faculty who share common student achievement goals and meet on a regular basis to identify practical ways to improve learning and teaching practices. learning community
The _________ focused standard requires that the professional learning that a teacher receives is research- and/or evidenced-based and directly related to the needs of the teacher in terms of the grade level and subject taught. content
T/F. One-day workshops and short-term training are the norm for professional learning. false
Collaborative groups are considered learning communities if they contribute to a culture of __________ improvement. continuous
Professional learning is most likely to be used in the classroom when the content is relevant to the __________ of the teachers. needs
Professional learning facilitators should teach the teachers using the __________ strategies and techniques that teachers are expected to use with their students in the classroom. same
The professional learning that is most likely to improve student achievement is sustained over a(n) __________ period of time and through multiple sessions over multiple days. extended
At a minimum, teachers should have __________ hours per year, during the school day, that are designated for professional learning. thirty
One semester hour of college credit equates to __________ in-service points. twenty
Professional learning must be used in teachers’ __________ in order to impact student achievement. classrooms
Teachers are more likely to use new skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis in their classrooms if they have __________ in trying out the new skills and knowledge. assistance
Coached teachers tend to practice skills __________ (less, more) often than do uncoached teachers. more
An efficient way for districts to provide follow-up support for professional learning is through ___ _______ resources and assistance. web based
Unquestionably, “changes in __________” is the most important component of the evaluating standard. students
Florida law requires documentation that professional learning resulted in __________ student achievement. increased
Information obtained in the IPDP evaluation process should be used as part of the needs assessment for __________ the IPDP for the subsequent school year. planning
T/F. To renew professional certificates, teachers must earn the equivalent of a minimum of 120 in-service points during each renewal period. True
The FEAPs are Florida’s core standards for __________ educators. effective
An essential principle of the FEAPs is that an effective educator should demonstrate deep and __________ knowledge of the subject taught. comprehensive
Teachers should use __________ student data to plan lessons. diagnostic
Teachers should convey __________ expectations to all students. high
Teachers should use student __________ to monitor instructional needs and to adjust instruction. feedback
Teachers should use a __________ of assessment tools to monitor student progress, achievement, and learning gains. variety
Teachers should use ____ __________ research to improve instruction and student achievement. data informed
Teachers should understand that educators are held to a high __________ standard in a community. moral
A district’s teacher appraisal system must use student performance as the single __________ component of the teacher’s evaluation. greatest
A district’s teacher compensation system must award salary increases based on sustained student__________. performance
A district’s teacher contract system must award contracts based on student __________. performance
A district’s teacher appraisal system must be designed to support effective instruction and __________ achievement. student
By 2014, the teacher evaluation must base at least __________ percent of the results on data and indicators of student learning growth for teachers who have been teaching for at least three years. fifty
Each teacher must be appraised by the principal at least __________ per year. once
If a teacher is not performing his or her duties in a satisfactory manner by the principal’s appraisal, the teacher is placed on performance __________. probation
The principal must submit a written report of a teacher’s appraisal to the teacher no later than __________ days after the appraisal takes place. ten
Researchers maintain that effective teachers are __________ practitioners, meaning that they monitor and assess whether their teaching is effective. reflective
Reflective teaching helps teachers become __________ in their teaching practices. proactive
A reflective journal is a(n) __________ and effective way for teachers to identify strengths, challenges, and potential problems. authentic
The major benefit of joining a professional organization is that doing so provides an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest __________ and innovative practices. research
The __________ is the largest of the national teachers’ organizations. National Education Association
Critical thinkers identify and __________ assumptions. challenges
Critical thinkers can distinguish fact from __________. opinion
To promote critical thinking, teachers should require students to clarify and __________ their solutions or conclusions. defend
To promote critical thinking, teachers should require students to clarify and __________ their solutions or conclusions. explicitly
Young children are __________ creative. naturally
Creative thinkers can look at a situation from __________ perspectives. multiple
To promote creative thinking, teachers should provide an atmosphere that respects and values __________ expression. personal
Too much closed-ended questioning tends to make questioning overly _________ centered and stifles critical and creative thinking on the part of students. teacher
____ complexity questions rely mainly on recall of information Low
_______ complexity questions require concrete reasoning or problem solving Moderate
______ complexity questions should elicit abstract reasoning and higher-order thinking skills. High
Knowledge-level thinking involves ________ or remembering information. recalling
Comprehension-level thinking involves making ___________ of previously learned material. interpretations
Application-level thinking involves _________ knowledge to produce a resuly. applying
Analysis-level thinking involves _______ knowledge to show how it fits together. subdividing
Synthesis-level thinking involves putting together ideas or elements to form a ______. whole
Evaluative-level thinking involves _________ the quality of an idea or solution. judging
Typical words for ____________ based questions are "find, label, relate". knowledge
What is your opinion about the "Supreme Court decision in Lau v. Nichols?" is an example of an ___________ question. evaluation
Typical words for ________ type questions are "Compile, create, predict, combine". synthesis
"In your own words, what does the term popular sovereignty mean?" is an example of a ____________ question. comprehension
"Write the steps you would use to test your theory." is an example of an __________ question. analysis
"Classify the animals in the list as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores." is an example of an ___________ question application
Subdividing knowledge to show how it fits together requires __________ level thinking. analysis
Giving students extended time in which to respond during questioning better enables students to give more comprehensive responses involving __________ levels of thinking. higher
Questions that encourage students to keep trying are called __________ questions. prompting
T/F. To check for understanding, a teacher should ask, “Are there any questions?” false
T/F. Skillful questioning plays a vital role in fostering students’ critical and creative thinking skills. true
Brainstorming is an effective way to engage students in __________ thinking. creative
During a brainstorming session, criticism of the ideas of others is __________. forbidden
Teachers can use brainstorming to __________ students’ prior knowledge about the lesson topic. activate
T/F. During brainstorming sessions, “wild” ideas are acceptable. true;all ideas are acceptable
T/F. Before engaging students in brainstorming, teachers should make sure that the students understand the rules of brainstorming. true
___________ is the process of thinking about and monitoring one’s own thinking. Metacognition
Successful learners set a __________ for learning. purpose
Struggling students seldom demonstrate __________ abilities on their own confidence
When teachers are modeling metacognitive strategies, they say their self-talk __________ aloud
T/F. Struggling learners need explicit instruction in metacognitive strategies. true
_______ _________ are visual depictions of the interrelationships among abstract concepts or illustrations of processes. Graphic organizers
A graphic organizer that fosters logical thinking skills is a __________ chart. flow
A graphic organizer that shows actions and their expected outcomes or consequences is a __________ tree. decision
________ reasoning involves the higher-level thinking processes that are used to make decisions or draw conclusions. Logical
_________ reasoning is the process of drawing a general conclusion based on one or more examples. Inductive
_________ reasoning is the process of using an accepted rule to draw a conclusion about a specific example. Deductive
Reasoning from the specific to the general is called __________ reasoning. inductive
Reasoning from the general to the specific is called __________ reasoning. deductive
A course of reasoning offered in support of a position is called a(n) __________. argument
The validity of the conclusions of inductive arguments is always __________ to question. open
According to the SCANS Report, a problem is a “__________ between what is and what could be.” discrepancy
In practice, problem solving seldom occurs in a __________, step-by-step manner. sequential
Problem-solving ability is critical to students’ __________ in school. success
Left-brained people tend to be __________ learners. deductive
Right-brained people tend to be __________ learners. inductive
Generally, learners who prefer to see the big picture before engaging in a learning activity are __________ brained-dominant learners. right
Learners who approach problem solving systematically are __________ brained-dominant learners. left
A brightly lit classroom would appeal to __________ brained-dominant learners. left
Role playing and simulations are most beneficial for __________ learners. kinesthetic
Reading directions aloud will help __________ learners the most. auditory
Students who prefer to learn by seeing or reading something are __________ learners. visual
Teachers who plan social events for students should keep in mind that field __________ learners are likely to be passive during the event. dependent
You are field _______ if you perceive objects without being influenced by the background. independent
You are field __________ if you perceive objects as a whole rather than as individual parts. dependent
Math and science fields are preferred by field __________ learners. independent
Group work appeals to field __________ learners. dependent
Using manipulatives would appeal to __________ learners. concrete
Solving written abstract equations would appeal to __________ learners. abstract
Being given step-by-step directions would appeal to __________ organizers. sequential
Locus of control reflects the degree to which students feel they have power over forces in their ______. lives
A student who says, “I failed the test because there were a lot of trick questions on it,” likely has a(n) __________ locus of control. external
High-ability students need opportunities to work __________ and also with other high-ability students. alone
Struggling students need frequent, corrective __________. feedback
Struggling students are usually __________ thinkers. concrete
T/F. Whole-group instruction usually works well in mixed-ability classes. false
Often, economically disadvantaged students are also __________ disadvantaged in the typical school environment. educationally
Teachers need to help economically disadvantaged students develop the ability to deal with __________ representational systems. abstract
Researchers have found that middle-SES teachers often have __________expectations for low SES students. low
Boys and girls are __________ capable of academic achievement. equally
Teachers should encourage students to strive for excellence in __________ subject areas. all
Teachers should consciously endeavor to provide __________ opportunities for boys and girls alike. equitable
______________ is the natural tendency to view one’s own cultural or familial ways of doing things as best and most acceptable. Ethnocentrism
Advance organizers are useful for activating students’ __________ knowledge. prior
Students need sufficient __________ to process information and experiences. time
PS/RtI involves __________ instruction and intervention to meet the diverse needs of learners. matching
The basic premise of PS/RtI is that all students must receive well-delivered, __________ based instruction in varied learning situations. research
By state law, a teacher’s primary professional concern will always be for the __________ and the development of the student's potential. student
By state law, teachers must value the pursuit of __________. truth
By state law, teachers must value the nurturing of __________ citizenship. democratic
By state law, teachers must strive for __________ growth. professional
Teachers should not intentionally expose a student to unnecessary __________ or disparagement. embarrassment
Teachers should allow students to have access to __________ points of view. diverse
Teachers should not intentionally violate a student’s legal __________. rights
Teachers should refuse to accept gratuities, __________, or favors that might influence their professional judgment. gifts
When speaking publicly, teachers should not intentionally distort facts concerning a(n) __________ matter. educational
Teachers should avoid using their professional positions for __________ gain or advantage. personal
Teachers must not __________ their professional qualifications. misrepresent
teacher should not assist an applicant whom the teacher knows is __________ in gaining employment in the profession. unqualified
Teachers must self-report within __________ hours to appropriate authorities any arrests/charges involving the abuse of a child. forty-eight
The Education Practices Commission can suspend or revoke a teacher’s certificate for conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor other than a __________ traffic violation. minor
In the case of incompetence, teachers are given an opportunity to __________ before charges of incompetence are filed. remediate
The __________ makes the final decision concerning probable cause. commissioner
Teachers in Florida have an ethical and a legal responsibility to adhere to a high __________ standard. moral
Teachers should not use school property for __________ use. personal
Unethical or illegal conduct in a teacher’s private life is grounds for __________ action. disciplinary
Students learn best when they are actively engaged in __________ their own understandings. constructing
________ proposed that learning involves three basic processes: assimilation, accommodation, and equilibration. Piaget
Another word for thinking is _________. cognition
__________ involves fitting new information into existing mental structures. Assimilation
A child who recognizes that objects continue to exist even when the objects are no longer visible has acquired object __________ permanence
A kindergarten child who tattles on rule breakers is in Piaget’s __________ morality stage. heteronomous
In ________ morality children develop autonomy and are willing to challenge rules. autonomous
Bruner viewed learning as a process of __________ meaning by building on prior understandings. constructing
Up to about age 6, children primarily learn through the __________ mode. enactive
The __________ mode involves using symbols and words to represent concepts. symbolic
Vygotsky described the support and assistance provided for learning and problem solving as __________. scaffolding
__________ is a learning theory based on using immediate consequences to either weaken or strengthen a learner’s observable response. behaviorism
The appropriate use of __________, which is a pleasant consequence that follows a behavior, is an essential strategy associated with behaviorism. reinforcement
Giving gold star stickers is an example of using __________ reinforcers. extrinsic
Taking away a desirable reward is an example of __________ punishment. negative
__________ is a learner-centered approach to teaching that emphasizes teaching for understanding. constructivism
Constructivist teachers establish learning environments that provide experiences from which the learner can __________ meaning based on what the learner already knows. construct
Constructivist teachers recognize the power of __________ dynamics. group
In constructivist classrooms, students are encouraged to assume __________ for their own learning. responsibility
In intrinsic motivation, the desire to learn is based on factors that are __________ to the learner. internal
In extrinsic motivation, the emphasis is on __________ factors that students find desirable. external
Relating content to students’ interest and experiences is a way to stimulate __________ motivation. intrinsic
Modifications are changes in __________ a student is expected to learn. what
Accommodations are changes in __________ a student accesses information and demonstrates performance. how
In order for an accommodation to be allowed on the FCAT 2.0, the accommodation must be specified on the IEP or 504 and used __________ in classroom instruction and assessment. regularly
Academic _________ is the ability to construct meaning from content-area texts and literature encountered in school. literacy
Analysis, synthesis, and __________ are higher-order thinking skills. evaluation
With regard to discipline, effective teachers are __________, rather than reactive. proactive
Students at risk of academic failure usually need __________ orientation to classroom rules and procedures. explicit
Grouping by ability has a negative effect on the academic performance of __________ students. low ability
The __________ set is where the teacher gains students’ attention, explains the instructional objective (or objectives) of the lesson, communicates the expectations for the lesson, and links the lesson objective to students’ prior knowledge. anticipatory
The ______ method of teaching, which uses a questioning-and-interaction sequence designed to draw information out of the student. Socratic
John Dewey is known as the father of __________. progressivism
Amendment ___ requires separation of church and state. I
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