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L & E Chapt 10


What is a policy manual? Manuals ID the policies of the practice.
Name 5 Topics that would be included in the office policy manual Client privacy-Smoking-Substance Abuse-Work Week and Hours
Name 5 More topic items that should be included into the policy manual Sexual Harrassment-Attendance-Discipline-Employee Safety - Insurance Reimbursement Policies - Scope of Client Services & Hospitals
T/F The policy manual sets the TONE for the practice TRUE
How often should the policy manual be updated? They should be updated from time to time-as policy items may change
T/F Employees should recieve a copy of the Policy Manual? True
Can the signed ackowlegement form be considered a contract between the employee and the practice? Yes
If the office policy manual is not intended to be a contract, what should be done? The manual should clearly state that its terms DOES NOT constitute a contract.
What is a job description? Minimum qualifications, description of job
When is a written description of the job shared with the new hire candidate? At time of the interview
When deveolping SPECIFIC job description, what should be included? Education-training requirements must be included as well.
Specific Physical Requirements should be added as well, such as.... Seeing-Hearing-Standing/Walking-climbing-stooping-lifting-pulling.
Who is the ADA? Americans with Disabilities Act
When should the long and inconsistent hours of a medical practice be addresed with a new hire. Being honest with employees is a must from the begining. Planning for overtime is essential.
Salaries should be based on what? Prevailing wages of the community and task and responsibilities of each job description
What benefits do most companies offer? Medical-Sick leave-vacations-holidays-retirement and profit sharing.
Name 2 benefits that would be important to people in the city 1) Free parking 2) Bus Passes
What are some other incentives that might be offered by a employer? tuition reimbursement-professional memberships-uniform allowance-gas allowance
In an established medical, the initial screening of candidates is often delegated to who? The office manager or a specific person other than the physician
The Interveiw Process allows for what? Opportunity to meet candidates in person
T/F Should you ask the same question to each candidate Yes
You should use effective communications skils and also.... Listen carefully to the candidate
What should always ask permission from your perspective employee prior to the decision making process. Ask them if its okay to check refrences
Name 4 Skill functions you might ask a perspective employee to do druing the interview process? Medical Terminolog Test - Typing Proficiency test - Dosage Calculations - Clinical Procedure
What is a employee evaluation? It is an ongoing task throughout the individuals employment listing strenghts and weaknesses that should be addressed.
How often should the evaluation be done? 3rd and 6th Month and then annually there after
Should salary changes and evaluations be done at the same time or sepratly? They should be done seperately
What are the 3 likely reasons requiring immediate terminatio of employment 1) Breach of client confidentiality 2) Disregard for client safety 3) Fraudulent and/or criminal actions
The Age Discrimination Act does what? Allows employers without fear of a discrination judgement, to dismiss incompetent empolyees who are over 40 years of old.
What are some reasons an employee may decide to leave the practice? Better job - Family - Moving out of area- retirement
Should an exit interveiw be conducted? Yes
What avenues might you used to find a job? Employment agencies - newspaper- professional organizations - referrals
What Civial Rights Act protects employees from sexual harassment? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
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