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electrical systems


What are the two primary purposes of the lighting system in an aircraft? To provide specialized light sources outside the aircraft and to illluminate the interior
Generally speaking, what composes a light assembly? A housing fixture, a lamp and a base
How can you keep bulbs clean? Avoid touching the glass bulb with bare hands if possible
What are the most common types of lamp bases? Single or double contact bayonet (push in and turn)
When is the single contact lamp base used? In single wire systems
When is the double lamp base used? Where the single wire system is not practivale
What is the purpose of the index-type lamp base? To assure that the lamp is seated in the socket so that the light shines in the proper direction
What is the grain wheat lamp? It is a lamp that is designed to last the life of an aircraft.
How are bulb shapes designated By the combination of a letter and numeral
What is indicated by the letter designation of the bulb The shape of the bulb
What is indicated by the number of designation of a bulb? The measure of the approximate maximum diameter of the bulb in the eights of an inch
What does the code "G" mean? Globular
What does the code "GG"? Grimes globular
What does the code "S" mean? Straight
What does the code "T" mean? Tubular
What does the code "PAR" mean? Parabolic aluminum reflector
What does the code "R" mean? Reflector
What is indicated by the code "T-6" Tubular shape and a 6/8 diameter
How is the bulb finish indicated? By the letter precedeing the MS dash bumber (R=red, S=silver bowled, if no letter the glass is frosted or clear)
What is a common use of the parabolic and sealed beam lamp? Landing, Taxi and signal lights
Created by: missghs09