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Cianci - Dalessandro

The Russian Revolution, The End of WWI, and The Settlement at Paris

Lenin sought to gain alliances with the...to gain support. Discontent workers and peasants
The result of Leon Trotsky's coup was... The Bolsheviks ruling over Russia
Because they believed it would only benefit capitalism, the Bolshevik government... removed Russia from the war
Civil war broke out in Russia between... the Red Russians and the White Russians
Russia's retirement from the war meant that Germany... could focus all of its efforts on the western front
What prevented Germany's new concentration of attention to fail? American Intervention
March 1918 Germany made a final gamble offensive that soon failed
Fourteen Points American war aims declared by President Wilson
November 1918 the republican, socialist-led government of Germany signed an armistice which ended the war
The American Intervention in 1917... thrust America into European affairs
The Ottomans enter into the war on the side of Germany eventually led to... the disbandment of the Ottoman Empire
Some goals of the secret treaties of the victorious powers... contradicted each other and made peace more difficult
Fears of...greatly affected the diplomats at Versailles the spread of communism
Those excluded from the peace conferences were... Germany and Russia
The League of Nations body of sovereign states that greed to pursue common policies and to consult in common interests
Reparations payed compensation for Germany's actions during the war
The Allies placed...into the treaty towards the Germans war guilt clause
The Germans were forced to accept the treaty... as the victors had wrote it and without negotiation
John Maynard Keynes a British economist who greatly criticized the economic aspects of the peace treaty
In the end, France... was left with no guarantee of support from Britain and no hope of help from the United States
Only hope for lasting peace was... that Germany would remain disarmed while the more obnoxious clauses of the peace treaty were revised
Created by: Cianci