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Stack #85708, Ch 5/6

Chabner Ch 5/6 WWC JJ

amyl/o starch
an/o anus
append/o appendix
bil/i bile; gall
bilirubin/o bilirubin
bronch/o bronchial tube
bucc/o cheek
cec/o cecum = first part of large intestine
celi/o abdomen; belly
cervic/o neck; cervix(neck of uterus)
cheil/o lip
chlorhydr/o hydrochloric
chol/o bile; gall
cholang/o bile vessel
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
cib/o meal
col/o colon; large intestine
colon/o colon; large intestine
dent/i tooth
duoden/o duodenum = first part of the small intestine
enter/o intestines, usually small intestine
esophag/o esophagus = tube connecting throat to stomach
eti/o cause
faci/o face
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o glucose; sugar
glyc/o glucose; sugar
glycogen/o glycogen; animal starch
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
idi/o unknown; individual; distinct
ile/o ileum = third part of small intestine
jejun/o jejunum = second part of small intestine
labi/o lip
lapar/o abdomen
lingu/a tongue
lip/o fat; lipid
lith/o stone
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
mandibul/o lower jaw; mandible
men/o mense; menstruation
necr/o death
odont/o tooth
odyn/o pain
or/o mouth
palat/o palate = roof of mouth
pancreat/o pancreas
peritone/o peritoneum
pharyng/o throat; pharynx
prote/o protein
pylor/o pyloric sphincter = at bottom of stomach before small intestine
rect/o rectum
sial/o saliva; salivary
sialaden/o salivary gland
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon = lower part of colon
proct/o anus and rectum
splen/o spleen
steat/o fat
stomat/o mouth
tonsill/o tonsil
-ase enzyme
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-chezia defecation; elimination of wastes
-ectasia stretching; dilation
-ectasis stretching; dilation
-ectomy removal; excision; resection
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood condition
-genesis producing; forming
-graphy process of recording
-iasis abnormal condition
-lysis destruction; breakdown
-megaly enlargement
-orexia appetite
-pathy disease
-pepsia digestion
-phagia eating; swallowing
-plasty surgical repair
-prandial meal
-ptosis prolapse; sag; droop
-ptysis spitting
-rrhage bursting forth
-rrhagia bursting forth
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea flow, discharge
-scopy visual examination (with an instrument)
-spasm sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
-stasis to stop; control
-stenosis tightening; stricture; narrowing
-stomy new opening (to form a mouth)
-tomy process of cutting
-tresia opening
perianal pertaining to surrounding the anus
appendectomy removal (resection) of the appendix
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
buccal mucosa mucous membrane (mucosa) lining the cheek
cecal pertaining to the cecum
celiac pertaining to the abdomen
cheilosis inflammation of the lip
cholescystectomy removal of the gallbladder
choledochotomy incision of the common bile duct
colostomy new opening of the colon to the outside of the body
colonic pertaining to the colon
colonoscopy visual examination of the colon (with an instrument)
dentibuccal pertaining to tooth and cheek
duodenal pertaining to the duodenum (first part of the small intestine)
enterocolitis inflammation of the small and large intestines
enterocolostomy new opening between the small and large intestines (an anastomosis)
mesentery membrane that holds the intestines together (literally, middle of the intestines)
parenteral pertaining to apart from the intestines (refers to delivery of substances any way other than through the digestive tract)
esophageal pertaining to the esophagus
facial pertaining to the face
gastrostomy new opening into the stomach through the abdominal wall. This may be necessary to introduce food into the stomach
gingivitis inflammation of the gums
hypoglossal pertaining to under the tongue
hepatoma tumor (malignant) of the liver; hepatocellular carcinoma
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
ileocecal sphincter pertaining to the ring of muscles between the ileum and the cecum
ileitis inflammation of the ileum
ileostomy new opening of the ileum to the outside of the body
choledochojejunostomy new opening between the common bile duct and the jejunum; anastomosis
gastrojejunostomy new opening between the stomach and the jejunum; anastomosis
labial pertaining to the lip
laparoscopy visual examination of the abdomen
sublingual pertaining to under the tongue
submandibular pertaining to under the lower jaw
orthodontist dentist specializing in straightening teeth
periodontist dentist specializing in gums
endodontist dentist specializing in operating within the tooth (root canal specialist)
oral pertaining to the mouth
palatoplasty surgical repair of the palate
pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
peritonitis inflammation of the peritoneum
pharyngeal pertaining to the throat
proctologist specialist in the anus and rectum
pyloroplasty surgical repair of the pyloric sphincter
rectocele hernia of the rectum
sialadenitis inflammation of salivary glands
sigmoidoscopy visual examination of the sigmoid colon (with an instrument)
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
amylase enzyme that digests starch
biliary pertaining to bile
hyperbilirubinemia condition of excess bilirubin in the blood
cholelithiasis abnormal condition of gallstones
achlorhydria lack of hydrochloric acid
gluconeogenesis production of new sugar from proteins and fats (by the liver)
hyperglycemia condition of high blood sugar
glycogenolysis breakdown of glycogen to form sugar (glucose)
lipoma tumor of fat (benign)
colecystolithiasis formation of a stone (calculus)
protease enzyme that digests protein
sialolith salivary (gland) stone
steatorrhea discharge of fats (in feces)
lipase enzyme to digest fats
hematochezia bright red blood in the feces
choledocholithiasis abnormal condition of stones in the common bile duct
postprandial pertaining to after meals
bronchiectasis dilation of bronchial tubes
lymphangiectasia dilation of lymph vessels
hematemesis vomiting blood (from the digestive tract)
hemolysis destruction of blood (RBCs)
dyspepsia difficult digestion; indigestion
polyphagia much (over) eating
dysphagia difficult swallowing
odynophagia painful swallowing
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
blepharoplasty surgical repair of the eyelid
proptosis forward protrusion of the eye
hemoptysis spitting up blood (from the respiratory tract)
hemorrhage bursting forth of blood
menorrhagia heavy discharge of blood during menstruation
herniorrhaphy suture (repair) of a hernia
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
pylorospasm involuntary contraction of the pyloric sphincter
bronchospasm sudden, involuntary contraction of bronchial tubes (as during an asthmatic attack)
cholestasis stoppage of the flow of bile
hemostasis stoppage of blood flow
pyloric stenosis narrowing of the pyloric sphincter
atresia not open (no opening)
esophageal atresia no opening of the esophagus (into the stomach)
biliary atresia no opening of the bile ducts (into the duodenum)
buccal pertaining to the cheek
cecal volvulus twisting of a part of the cecum upon itself
celiac artery artery carrying blood to the abdomen
cheilosis abnormal condition of the lip
cholangiectasis dilation of bile vessels
cholecystectomy removal of the gallbladder
choledochal pertaining to the common bile duct
colectomy removal of the colon
dentalgia pain in a tooth
gastroduodenal anastomosis new opening between the stomach and the duodenum
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestines
gingivectomy removal of gums
glossopharyngeal pertaining to the tongue and throat
glycolysis breakdown of sugar
cholecystojejunostomy new opening between the gallbladder and the jejunum
labioglossopharyngeal pertaining to the lips, tongue, and throat
cholecystolithiasis abnormal condition of stones in the gallbladder
periodontal membrane membrane surrounding a tooth
oropharynx region of the throat near the mouth
pancreatic pertaining to the pancreas
proctosigmoidoscopy visual examination of the anus and rectum (with an instrument)
rectosigmoidoscopy visual examination of the rectum and lower portion (sigmoid) of the colon (with an instrument)
sialadenectomy removal of a salivary gland
splenic flexure area of the colon that bends downward near the spleen
aphthous stomatitis inflammation of the mouth with small ulcers
Created by: jjanis1
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