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Phleb Tech Spec 2

From textbook Phlebotomy Technician Specialist #2

dendrite nerve cell process that carries nervous impulses toward the cell body
deoxygenated state of having oxygen removed from a compound or tissue
depolarization a reversal of charges at a cell membrane; an electrical change in an excitable cell in which the inside becomes positive in relation to the outside; opposite of polarization
dermis the true skin; lying immed. beneath the epidermis
diaphoretic producing perspiration; sweating
accreditation The process by which an institution (school) voluntarily completes an extensive self-study in preparation for a review visit by an association.
The history of phlebotomy began around the Stone Age
The first authentically recorded blood transfusion occurred in the 17th century
Paying particular attention to handwashing is an example of what personal characteristic? integrity
Handling an inquisitive patient requires diplomacy, empathy, compassion, honesty
The "scope of practice" refers to working within the limits of one’s training
A moral obligation to determine the difference between right and wrong is ethics
An accreditation agency for hospitals and nursing homes is the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Employment opportunities for phlebotomists include POL's (physicals office lab), hospitals, govt. laboratories, long term care facilities
This occurs when one state recognizes the licensure granted to a person by another state. reciprocity
PPO's Preferred Provider Organizations
POL's Physician Office Laboratories
HMO's Health Maintenance Organizations
Independent reference labs Govt. labs where Phlebotomist can find employment
The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act was enacted by Congress in 1988
CBC Complete Blood count
5 Q framework a checklist for health care professionals that focuses on 1) quality planning; 2) quality laboratory practices; 3) quality control of processes; 4) monitoring performance/quality assessment; and 5) quality improvement when problems occur.
ABO blood group system one of several systems for classifying human blood, based on the antigens present on the surface membranes of the red blood cell.
acid-citrate-dextrose (ACD) an anti-coagulant
acidosis a serious condition occurring when the blood pH decreases to less than 7.35.
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) a series of infections and disorders that occur as a result of infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes the immune system to break down.
activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) a coagulation test used to test the extrinsic coagulation system.
active listening listening sufficiently to ensure that the message conveyed is understood and can be repeated by the listener. Nodding, leaning forward. Not sympathizing!
acute care hospital a hospital characterized by stays of fewer than 30 days, usually by patients in need of care by highly specialized personnel and sophisticated technical equipment.
administrative law a process of writing regulations, performed by the executive branch of government in order to enforce statutes and ordinances.
adrenal gland situated on top of the kidney, this gland produces hormones in response to emotion, as well as hormones that regulate carbohydrate metabolism and electrolyte balance.
aerobic microorganism that is able to live only in the presence of oxygen.
aerosol a fine mist
agar a product from seaweed that is used to solidify bacteriologic media.
age-specific care considerations fears and concerns which vary at different stages of one's life and which must be considered when providing health care to any given individual.
aliquot a portion of a patient specimen used for testing.
OSHA Occupational Safety &Health Administration: blood borne pathogens, protective equip, electrical systems safe, log of illness and injury
JCAHO requires hospitals to implement QA programs or QC.
CLIA Clinical Lab Amendments: all labs use same standards regarless of size
CAP College of American Pathologists: influences standards of Phlebotomy.
Who provided first written documentation of the practice of bloodletting? Hipocrates
Bloodletting is still used. Name 2 diseases it's used on: Hemocromotosis (too much iron) and Polycythemia (Too many red blood cells)
Although not legally binding, what document is the standard to which all patients have the right to be treated? Patient Care Partnership
What occurs when a duty of care is breached unintintionally, causing harm to the patient? Negligence
____ in proving malpractice or negligence is the responsiblity of the patient. Burden of proof
____ is a division of the US Department of Labor and is responsible for enforcing the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
______is a group of activities and programs designed to guarantee the highest level of quality patient care. QA or QC
____ is a program used in conjunction with QA/QC and is designed to minimize the exposure to the risk of loss or injury to both the health care provider and the patient. Risk Management
_________ is a combination of concepts based on continuously improving services and client care through the involvement of all employees and is directed at customer satisfaction. TQM (Total Quality Management)
A device that consisted of a small box that contained 12 small spring-driven rotary blades: Scarificator
The medical leech is how long, typically, and when full, contains how much blood? 3-6" long and contains 1/2 oz to 1 oz.
Name an agency that sets guidelines and standards for phlebotomy curriculum: CAP
Name a health care professional with a minimum of a Masters in nursing and advanced education in a particular primary care group such as Pediatrics, and who can practice independently: Nurse Practitioner
Name a technologist with an advanced degree in management who is responsible for overseeing all business operations of the lab: Laboratory manager
A civil wrong that is based on an act that is committed without just cause such as negligence: Tort
Assault, battery, and invasion of privacy are examples of: Intentional Tort
A claim of improper tx or negligence brough against a professional person and/or entity by means of a civil lawsuit: Malpractice
What agency mandates: Proper disposal of hazardous waste, personal protective equipment, Availability of hepatitis B vaccination? OSHA
Name 5 Phelbotomist Certification companies: ASPT (Amer. Soci. of Phelb), AMT (Amer. Medical Technologists), ASCP (Amer. Soci. of Clinical Pathol.), NPA (Nation. Phel. Assoc), NCA (Nation. Creden. Agency for Med. Lab. Personnel)
Name 3 agencies that do program Accreditation: NPA-National Phlebotomy Assoc; NAACLS-National Accrediting Agency for Clincal Laboratory Sciences; ASPT-Amer. Society of Phelb. Technicians
Organizations offering CEU's to Phlebotomists: National Phelb. Assoc (NPA), Amer. Soci. of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), Amer. Soc. for Med. Technologists (ASMT), Amer. Soci. for Clinical Lab. Sciences-ASCLS
Name the recent government regulation affecting medical labs which require the regulation of all labs no matter how small. What year did congress enact this bill? Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 or CLIA
Adhering to a code of values with honesty, dependability and dedication is called: Integrity
Explaining to the patient that another sample will need to be drawn because the first sample was misplaced is an example of: Diplomacy
When a person has completed certain requirements and is issued a statement to that effect, he or she is said to be: Certified
An agency that issues approval for phlebotomy programs is: NPA, NAACLS, ASPT (National Phleb. Assoc, Nation. Accrediting Agency for Clinical Lab. Sciences, Amer. Society of Phleb. Technicians
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