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HAI- Muscles Breathi

Breathing & Pelvic floor muscles O, I, A, NI

Diaphragm Xiphoid process. Ribs 6-12. L1-L3 Central Tendon Inspiration (increases length of thorax) Phrenic nerve
External intercostals Inferior border of rib above Superior border of rib below Elevates ribs with inspiration T2 - T12
Internal intercostals Superior border of rib below Inferior border of rib above Draws ribs together with forced expiration T2 - T12
Levator ani: Pubococcygenus Pubis Coccyx Maintain pelvic viscera & expulsion of matter S2 - S4
Levator ani: iliococcygeus Ischial spine Coccyx Maintain pelvic viscera & expulsion of matter S2 - S4
Pectoralis minor Ribs 2- 5 Coracoid process of scapula Abducts scapula (rowing). Elevates ribs Medial pectoral.
Serratus anterior Ribs 1 - 9 Inferior angle of scapula Abducts scapula. Elevates ribs Long thoracic.
Trapezius Superior nuchal line of occipital bone. Ligamentum nuchae. Spine of C7 - T12 Clavicle acromion. Spine of scapula. Elevates clavicle & Scapula. Depresses & adducts scapula. Extends head. Accessory XI (11). C3 - C5
Levator scapulae C1 - C5 Superior vertebral border of scapula Extends scapula Dorsal scapular. C3 - C5
Rhomboideus minor C7 - T1 Superior vertebral border of scapula Elevates & adducts scapula Dorsal scapula
Pectoralis major Ribs 1 - 6. Clavicle. Sternum. Greater tibercle & intertubercular sulcus. ADducts, extends, medially rotates humerus. Draws arm down and back Thoracodorsal
Deltoid Ribs 8 - 12. Clavicle. Acromion. Spine of scapula Deltoid tuberosity. Abducts, extends, flexes humerus Axillary
Created by: barbvajen