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Respiratory Rad Rev

Chest anatomy, respiration

Chest ReviewAnswers
What structure separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity? Diaphragm
Which bony structure forms the anterior border of the mediastinum? Sternum
What mediastinal structure consists of C-shaped cartilaginous rings? Trachea
What area of the trachea divides into 2 lesser tubes? Carina
Which primary bronchus is shorter and wider than the other? Right
What is the name of the medial aspect of each lung where the primary bronchus enters? Hilum
What is the name of the superior portion of each lung? Apex
Which structures are at the terminal end of the respiratory system? Alveoli
How many lobes are found in the right lung? 3
Which lung is shorter and broader than the other? Right lung.
Why is one lung shorter than the other? Because of the close proximity to the liver and heart.
What is the name of the area between the two pleural cavities? Mediastinum
What pathologic condition of the lung involves replacement of air with fluid in the lung interstitium and alveoli? Pulmonary edema
What are the 3 parts of the respiratory system? Respiratory passages, Lungs, Pleura
What are the 6 parts of the respiratory passages? Nasal Cavities, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi, Bronchioles
What are the 3 parts of the pharynx? Nasal, Oral, Laryngeal
What part is known as the "voice box?" Larynx
What part is known as the "windpipe"? Trachea
Where is the trachea located in relation to the esophagus? Anterior to the esophagus
The larynx lies between what? Thyroid cartilage
What encircles the larynx below the thyroid cartilage? Cricoid cartilage
What is known as the "functional unit" of the lung? Alveolus
Define alveolus. Cup-shaped microscopic structure that forms the wall of an alveolar or air sac.
Define mediastinum Vertical partition located in median plane of chest, separating the lungs from each other.
How does expiration affect the diaphragm? Elevates diaphragm
How does inspiration affect the diaphragm? Depresses diaphragm
Base Broad lower end of lung that's concave and rests upon upper convex surface of diaphragm.
Hilum Depression or indention on the medial surface of each lung where structures enter/leave lung.
Pneumothorax Air in pleural cavity.
Tracheotomy Opening made into trachea anteriorly, so air can pass into lungs when passage is obstructed higher up.
Bronchitis Inflammation of bronchi.
Thoracocentesis Insertion of hollow needle through chest wall to remove air or fluid.
Bronchiectasis Dialation of a bronchus.
Empyema Pus in the pleural cavity.
Atelectasis Collapse of whole or part of a lung from obstruction of a bronchus.
Hemothorax Blood in the pleural cavity.
Pneumonectomy Removal of entire lung.
Pleural Effusion Fluid in pleural cavity.
What is the sac that encloses the lungs called? Pleura
What is the portion of lung that lies above the clavicles called? Apex
What is the lower, outer margin of the lung, at the junction of the ribs and diaphragm called? Costophrenic angle
Lobectomy One of the pulmonary lobes is removed.
What is the name for small air sacs located at the distal ends of bronchioles? Alveoli
Pneumonitis Inflammation of the lung.
Which primary bronchus (left or right) is shorter, wider and more vertical? Right
Name the "organs of respiration." The lungs
Name the 3 lobes of the right lung Right superior, right middle, right inferior
Name the 3 parts of the pleura. Visceral and Parietal pleura, Pleural cavity
What part of the larynx is also known as "Adam's apple?" Laryngeal prominence
Pleura Serous membrane that lines the chest and covers each lung.
Visceral pleura Covers each lung except at its root.
Parietal pleura Lines chest cavity on each side.
Pleural cavity Space between the lung and chest wall.
Pneumonitis Inflammation of the lung.
Pleurisy Inflammation of the pleura.
Name the main branches of the trachea. Bronchus
Which hemidiaphragm is usually located more superior? Right
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