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Cianci - McKinney

Emergence of the German Empire and the Alliance Systems

Three Emperors' League 1873. Consisted of Russia, Germany, and Austria. Collapsed because of rivalry between Russia and Austria
Slavic revolts Turkish rule was failing in the Ottoman empire. Slavs were supported by Serbia and Montenegro.
Russian Intervention Russia wanted to conquer land from Ottoman empire. Slavs wanted unity under Russian protection.
Treaty of San Stefano of March 1878 Ottoman empire sued for peace. Freed Slavs from Ottoman rule and Russia gained land and money. Russia's benefits alarmed other countries.
Jingoism Super patriotism
Congress of Berlin June and July 1878. Britain and Austria met with Russia to discuss the gains from San Stefano. Lead by Bismarck. Designed to recognize Germany and confirm that it wanted nothing from the Empire.
Results of the Congress of Berlin Other nations were encouraged to occupy or given Ottoman lands, excluding Germany. This caused resentment from Russia and the end of the Three Emperors' League.
Secret Treaty Between Austria and Germany 1879. One would aid the other if Russia attacked. Lasted until 1918
Reinsurance Treaty of 1887 Germany and Russia would remain neutral if attacked.
William II King of Germany 1888. Ambitious, Militant, believed in Divine Right. Had several disputes with Bismarck, dismissing him 1890.
General Leo von Caprivi Succeeded Bismarck. Ended Reinsurance treaty because he felt incompetent to keep up Bismarck's policies
Franco-Russian alliance 1894, Formed to protect against Germany.
German and British conflict Germany was made the enemy by Britain because they envied their commerce. Germany wanted to ally with Britain for military reasons
German naval formation 1898- Gained 19 battleships 1900- 38 ships Formed in hopes to damage British navy but failed
Entente Cordiale 1904. Several agreements with Britain and France to settle colonial differences between them.
Moroccan Crisis 1905- William II landed at Tangier and challenged French power by asserting Germany's part of Morocco.
Congress of 1906 Another attempt to display German power. Supported by Austria, but Spain voted for France-Britain. Brought France and Britain closer
1907 Britain and Russia conclude agreements and essentially become allies. France, Russia, and Britain become Triple Entente.
Created by: Cianci