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scientific Re/En

scientitc revolution/enlightenment quiz

what theory was used to justify the establishment of an absolute monarchy? divine right theory
how are the renaissance and the enlightenment similar? both produce major cultur changes
thw were some of the political ideas of john locke? everyone is equal, males should vote and make laws
one major concept of the enlightenment was the need for the use of reason for__________ and _______ thinking? rational, logical
Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton all used the______ tho solve problems? scientific method
most enlightenment pholsophers felt that who should be in charge of the government? people should govern themselves
why did some people reject the ideas of the scientic revolution in europe? because they believe that God create everything and the believe in everthing in the church and they were going against traditional belief
give one example of the direct result of the scientific revolution in europe? it resulted in the enlightenment it went from scientific to politcal
William Harvey Doctor-Discovered that blood pumps through the heart.
Copernicus Atronomist-Discovered that the earth revolved around the sun
Versalius Humen anatomy, dissected human bodies to make accurate diagrams
Galileo Invented the telescope and discovered planet's geography's
Created by: csivs