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BIOL 1300 Exam 2

BIOL 1300 (Body Systems w/ Lab) Review for Exam #2 Spring 2012

What is the name of the shaft of a long bone and the membrane that lines the marrow cavity? Diaphysis and endosteum
Name the hard bone and porous bone found in the shafts and ends of long bones. compact bone and spongy bone
What are the cells that produce bone tissue called? osteoblasts
The skull bone that contains the internal portions of the ear is the temporal bone
Name the bone of the lower jaw mandible
What are the soft spots in the infant skull called? fontanels
What is the scientific name for the collarbone? clavicle
The anatomical name for the thigh bone is the femur
What bones make up the palm of the hand? metacarpal bones
Which disorder is associated with lateral curvature of the spinal column? What is an exaggerated thoracic curve of the spine called? Scoliosis, kyphosis
The broken bone protrudes through the skin in a(n)_____ fracture. open
What are the bands of connective tissue that hold the bones together in a synovial joint called? What are the small fluid filled sacs near some synovial joint called? Ligaments, bursae
An excess of uric acid can result in what painful joint disorder called? gout
A degenerative joint disease that primarily occurs in weight-bearing joints is osteoarthritis
The word part –penia means lack of
Where is red marrow is found? spongy bone
What cells are involved in bone resorption? osteoclasts
Where does bone growth in children occur? epiphyseal plates
What is a depression on the surface of a bone called? fossa
What is an air space within a bone known as? What is a short channel through a bone called? sinus & meatus
What are the visible bands in cardiac and skeletal muscle called? striations
The muscular layer of the intestine is composed of visceral, or ______ muscle. smooth
Binding sites on the actin molecules are covered by what two proteins when the muscle is at rest? troponin , tropomyosin
The larger of the two filaments forming a cross bridge is made of which protein? myosin
Which neurotransmitter is released at the neuromuscular junction ? acetylcholine
What is the compound that causes the myosin head to detach from actin? ATP
Muscles operating anaerobically are said to be in a state of oxygen debt
What energy-storing compound is similar to ATP? creatine phosphate
The increase in muscle size resulting from resistance training is termed hypertrophy
What is a contraction that shortens the muscle but does not increase muscle? isotonic
What term is given to a muscle that produces a given movement? Which muscle opposes a given action? prime mover, antagonis
What term is used to describe the pivot point of a lever system? fulcrum
A term referring to a muscle that decreases the angle at a joint is flexor
Which muscle is dome-shaped and used in breathing? diaphragm
The prime mover in plantar flexion is the gastrocnemius
What action does the triceps brachii perform at the arm at the elbow? extends
What is the cheek muscle used in whistling? buccinator
Name the muscles located between the ribs. intercostals
Aging is associated with a gradual decrease in the number of muscle cells, or atrophy
What is inflammation of a tendon called? tendinitis
What is the medical term for muscle pain? myalgia
The word part sarc/o means flesh
The specialized membranes that permit electric impulses to pass between cardiac muscle cells are called intercalated disks
A bundle of muscle fibers is called a(n) fascicle
What is the membrane surrounding individual muscle fibers? endomysium
A single neuron and all the muscle fibers it stimulates comprise a(n) motor unit
The two filaments that form cross-bridges are actin and myosin
Which event occurs during muscle relaxation? Calcium is pumped into the endoplasmic reticulum
The compound binds myosin and provides the energy for the power stroke is ATP
What substance is produced during oxygen debt? lactic acid
Name the compound that stores oxygen in muscle cells. myoglobin
What effect does exercise have on blood vessels? dilation of blood vessels
What is the partial contraction observed in resting muscle is called? muscle tone
A muscle that steadies body parts during a movement is called a(n) synergist
Which muscle moves the head? sternocleidomastoid
Where is the levator ani found? perineum
Which muscle is located at the angle of the jaw used for chewing? Which muscle is used in closing the lips? Masseter, obicularis oris
The hamstring muscles perform what action? flex the leg
Inflammation of connective tissues is known as fibrositis
What does Carpal tunnel syndrome affect? Tendons in the fingers
Any word containing the part brachi/o probably refers to the arm
How many phalanges are found in each hand? 14
What is the olecranon? the part of the ulna that forms the elbow
What is the scientific name for the kneecap? patella
The greater trochanter is a large projection on what bone? femur
What is inflammation of the joints called? arthritis
Freely moveable joints are also called diarthroses
Which joint type has the smallest range of motion? gliding joint
The turning of a bone on its own axis is called rotation
When a dancer points his/her toes, the foot performs what movement? plantar flexion
The word part cost/o refers to the ribs
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