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Cardiology cards for Y4P2UCLMedicine

What are the 5 types of cardiomyopathy? Dilated Hypertrophic Restrictive Obliterative Arrhythmogenic RV dysplasia
Classify CM by aetiology Primary: genetic/idiopathic/2ndry to systemic disease (myocarditis) Secondary: valvular disease/ischaemic heart disease/hypertensive heart disease
What is the pathology if Dilated CM? Dilatation = globular shape to the heart Dilatation = often masks hypertrophy Nuclear hypertrophy and increased myocycte width Interstitial fibrosis and T-lymphocyte infiltration
What are the 3 different causes of Dilated CM? Non genetic Genetic Idiopathic
What are the non genetic causes? Alcohol Anthracycline chemotherapeutic agents Previous myocarditis Nutritional deficiency Peripartum Metals – cobalt, lead, mercury, arsenic
How common is dilated CM? 1/2500
What are the clinical features of dilated CM? Heart failure Cardiac arrhythmias Conduction defects Thromboembolism Sudden death
Frequently genetic.
Created by: Ab_fab_dozy