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Chapt 11 Electro

Exercise Electrocardiography

Angina Pain or pressure in the chest when the heart muscle dose not receive enough oxygen due to partial or complete blockage of a coronary artery.
Angiogram An invasive procedure during which x-rays are taken of a blood vessel after injection of a radiopagque substance
Beta Blockers Drugs used to treat hypertension
Cardiologist A physician who specializes in the study of the heart
Chemical Stress Test An invasive type of exercise electrocardioegraphy in which Thallium and/or another radio paque substance (one that is visible with an x-ray machine), is injected into the body to permit viewing the vessels around the heart.
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Failure of the heart to pump an adequate amount of blood to the body
Coronary Vascular Disease (CVD) Narrowing of the arteries surrounding the heart, causing a reduction in the blood flow of the heart.
Echocardiogram Noninvasive diagnostic test that uses sound to study the heart and blood vessels; AKA ULTRASOUND
False Positive When a diagnostic test indicates that disease is present, but in reality, the test results is negative and no disease is present
Hypertension High Blood Pressure
Hyperventilation To breathe at increased rate and depth of inspiration and expiration
Invasive Procedure that requires endurance into a body cavity, tissue, or blood vessel.
Maximal Exercise Target heart rate of 220 minus the age of the patient
Noninvasive Procedures that does not require entrance into a body cavity, tissue, or blood vessels
Pharmacologic Stess Test Other medications may also be injected if the patient is unable to exercise. These medications cause the heart rate to increase or the coronary blood vessels to dilate.
Skin Rasp A rough piece of material used to abrade (scrape) the skin prior to electrode placement
Submaximal Exercise Target heart rate of 220 minus the age multipled by a percentage between 60 and 85
Target Heart Rate (THR) Heart Rate Measurement needed to truly exercise the heart
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