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Continental EU vocab

Continental Europe 7th grade vocab.

Vocab WordDefinition
Acid Rain Rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants.
Agriculture(Industry) Growing of crops and/or the raising of livestock.
Arable Land fit for or used for the growing of crops.
Autobahn Superhighway.
Continental Divide A high place from which rivers flow in different directions.
Dialect Local form of language that differs from the main language in pronunciation or the meaning of words.
Dike Man made pile of soil used to keep out water.
Dominant Commanding, Controlling, or prevailing over others.
Envy Painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.
EU European Union.
Euro Common currency adopted by countries in the European Union.
Federal Republic Government divided between national and state powers.
Landlocked Country with no land bordering a sea or an ocean.
Manufacturing(Industry) Producing goods in a factory.
Mistral A cold, dry wind that blows through the Rhone valley in France.
Multilingual Able to speak several languages.
Multinational Company Firm that does business in several countries.
Navigable Body of water wide and deep enough to allow the passage of ships.
Neutrality Refusal to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries.
Polder Area of land reclaimed from the sea.
Renown A state of being widely acclaimed or highly honored.
Republic Strong national government headed by elected leaders.
Service Industry Business that provides services to people instead of producing goods.
Created by: kmsoftball27