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neuro randm

CM II - Spring 2012

Divisions of PNS? PNS splits into Autonomic and Somatic; Autonomic splits into Parasym and Sympathetic
How many cranial nerves and how many spinal nerves? CN = 12 SN = 31
Which type of neurons exit and enter the anterior and posterior roots? Anterior = Motor Post = Sensory
What makes up the grey matter? Neuronal Cell bodies and synapses
What makes up the white matter? Ascending pathways (afferent) relay SENSORY info to brain; Descending pathways (efferent) relay MOTOR info from brain
CN 1 and fxn? Olfactory; sensory - smell
CN 2 and fxn? Optic; sensory - Vision
CN3 and fxn? Oculomotor; motor - Eye movement, light reflex
CN 4 and fxn? Trochlear; motor - Eye movement
CN 5 and fxn? Trigeminal; Both - Mastication, sensory face/scalp
CN 6 and fxn? Abducens; motor - Eye movement
CN 7 and fxn? Facial; Both - Facial expression, taste
CN 8 and fxn? Vestibulocochlear/auditory; sensory - Hearing, balance
CN 9 and fxn? Glossopharyngeal; both - taste, swallowing, speech
CN 10 and fxn? Vagus; both - taste, swallow, lift palate, speech, viscera
CN 11 and fxn? Spinal accessory; motor - turn head, lift shoulder
CN 12 and fxn? hypoglossal; motor - move tongue for speech/eating
Sympathetic nerves exit SC where? T1 to L2
Where do the CNs originate? Brainstem
What are some abns assoc w/ brainstem? Vertigo, altered consciousness, dbl vision
What are some fxna assoc w/ cerebellum? Movement, posture, balance
twisting in an involuntary snake-like form? Athetosis
Fxn of limbic system? Mediates emotions, learning, memory
Amygdala fxn? Fear and anxiety
Fxn of hippocampus? Formation of long-term memories
Wernicke's area? Language COMPREHENSION
Broca's area? Speech PRODUCTION and ARTICULATION
Alexia Inability to read
Broca's aphasia Knows words to say, but says it slowly, deleting lots of words
Wernicke's aphasia Hears, but doesn't understand
Where is CSF made? Choroid plexus in lateral ventricles
MC neuropathic dz causes in US? DM, alcoholism
How to assess strength/wkness in PE? scale 0-5: test indiv muscles/groups
MC meningitis pathogen in adults/children? N. meningitidis, S. pneumo
MC meningitis pathogen in kids 10-19/dorm age? N. meningitidis
Major bacterial meningitis RFs? Contact w/ someone w/ it, RTI, travel to endemic area
Meningeal signs? Nuchal rigidity, Brudzinski's sign, Kernig's sign
What is Brudzinski's sign? Passively flex neck and person flexes hips bc inflamm
What is Kernig's sign? Hip and knee flexed at 90 degrees..try to extend knee and see if elicit resistsance/ back pain
MC pathogen to cause difficulties in meningitis? S pneumo
CN palsy of which nerves can occur as a complication of meningitis? 3,4,6,7
Predisposing fxs for bact mening? DM, alc, URI, UTI, HIV
Classic meningitis triad? Fever (95%), nuchal rigidity (85%), change in mental status
Rash may be seen w/ which mening-causing pahtogen? Neiserria meningitidis
WBC diff will show a predom of what kind of WBCs in bacterial vs aseptic/enceph? Neutrophils vs lymphocytes
What defines chronic meningitis? >/= 4 wks (can be infectious, non-infect)
Define encephalitis Inflamm of brain parenchyma
MC causes of enceph? West NV, HSV
Which herpes virus causes mening and which causes enceph? 1=enceph 2=mening
Enceph sxs lack? Photophobia, nuchal rigidity
What can a LP show in someone with HSV enceph? RBCs in csf w/o traumatic tap
Created by: streetsmarts
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