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Med Term Competition

Tic Douloureux An involuntary, compulsive, rapid, repetitive, stereotyped movement or vocalization, experienced as irresistible although it can be suppressed for some length of time.
Tinnitus Ringing, buzzinf or roaring sound in the ear
Transient Ischemia Attack Fleeting episode of ischemia (HOLDING BACK BLOOD)in brain
Triageminal Nueralgia
Ulcer Open sore on the skin or mucous of the membranes of the body
Ultrasound A diagnostic radiology technique that uses sound waves to image internal body structures
Urinary Incontinence Involuntary passage of urine
Vaginocele Enlarged, dilated viens near a testicles
Ventral Pertaining to the abdomen or to any venter
Ventricular Fibrillation Ventricular fibrillation is a very rapid, uncoordinated, ineffective series of contractions throughout the lower chambers of the heart. Unless stopped, these chaotic impulses are fatal
Vertigo A sensation of rotation or movement of one's self or of one's surroundings in any plane; sometimes used erroneously to mean any form of dizziness.
Vesicle Small blister, containing clear fluid, on the skin
Vesicvaginal Fissure Pertaining to or connecting the bladder and vagina
Volvulus Twisting of intestines upon itself
Western Blot Blood Test Specific test to detect presence of ant-HIV anitbodies in the bloodstream
Created by: craygoza