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Med Term Competition

Nocturanl Myoclonus
Oliguria Scanty urination
Osteitis Deformans A disease of bone occurring in the middle aged and elderly; excessive bone destruction sometimes leading to bone pain and fractures and skeletal deformities
Osteoarthritis Inflammation of bones and joints
Osteomyelitis Inflammation of bone and bone marrow
Osteoporosis Abnormal condition of increased loss of bony tissue
Otpyorrhea Discharge of pus in the ear
Otorrhagia Bleeding from the external auditory canal of the ear
Otosclerosis Overgrowth and hardening of bony tissue in labyrinth(inner ear)
Paget's Disease
Palliative Relieving Symptoms, but not curative
Pandemic Is an epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide
Papilloma A benign epithelial tumor projecting from the surrounding surface. Also called papillary tumor, villoma
Papule Small, solid elevation of skin less than 1 cm in diameter
Parkinson's Disease A slowly progressive form of parkinsonism, usually seen late in life, marked by masklike facies, tremor of resting muscles, slowing of voluntary movements, festinating gait etc.
Perfusion Te act of pouring over or through, especially the passage of a fluid through the vessels of a specific organ
Peritoneal Dialysis dialysis through the peritoneum, the dialyzing solution being introduced into and removed from the peritoneal cavity, as either a continuous or an intermittent procedure
Pertussis Whooping cough, bacterial infection of throat, larynx and trachea
Pharyngoplegia Paralysis of the muscles of the pharynx
Pharyngorrhagia Bursting forth of blood of the throat, pharynx
Created by: craygoza