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Med Term Competition

Abscess Collection of pus
Achlorydria Absence of gastric juice is associated with gastric carcinoma
Addison's Disease Hypofunctioning of the adrenal cortex
Adenoiditis Inflammation of the gland
Adhension A holding together or uniting of two surfaces or parts as in would healing
Agglutination One type of antigen-antibody reaction in which a solid antigen clumps together with a soluble anitbody
Angitis Inflammation of blood & lymph vessel
Angina Pectoris Severe pain & sensation of constriction about the heart
Anterior Pertaining to the front of a structure
Anuria Suppression of urine formation by the kidney
Apnea Without breathing
Arthostenosis Pathological narrowing of a joint
Bilirubin Chemical pigment, A yellow-orange pigment found in a bile
Bruit Anormal blowing or swishing sound heard ausculation of an atery or organ
Cartoid Endarectomy Procedure to remove plaque buildup in the cartoid artery or organ to reduce risk of stroke
Cataracts Type of degeneratives eye disease & is linked to the process
Cephalgia Head pain, Headache
Cerebral Concussion Temporary brain dysfunction( brief loss of consciouness) after injury usually clearity within 24 hrs
Created by: craygoza