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Basic Culinary #4

How many servings from a lamb rack? 8
Green meat Before aging
How long does it take for rigor mortis to set in? 6-24 hrs and dissipates 48-72 hrs
Which connective tissue breaks down with cooking? Collagen
Marbling Whitish streaks of inter- and intramuscular fat
Cryovac is what type of aging? Wet aging
2 cuts from a tenderloin Short loin and sirloin
How do you carve meat? Against the grain.
Grading system gives what (2 things)? Quality and Yield
What does IMPS stand for? Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications
Factors that will determine the quality of beef Marbling and Animals age
2 numbers for prime rib 109 is bone in. 112 is boneless.
Why would it be important to have average weights in boxed beef? Portion control, serving sugestion, and cooking methods
Veal Calf that is younger than 9 months.
What grade of meat do most food service operations use? Choice
Things to control with inventory of steaks. Theft
Ground beef ratio 80/20 (80% beef/20% fat)
5 oz. New York strip, what size for the whole (strip loin) fabricating cut? 10-12
How long can you keep boxed beef? 7 days
PSMO Peeled Side Muscle On
Canadian bacon is what cut? Loin
Steam ship round, buffet servings? Buffet with another entree 75-100 servings. Cocktail buffet 150-200 servings.
8 Primal Cuts on a Steer Chuck, Rib, Brisket, Plate, Short Loin, Sirloin, Round, and Flank
Created by: kford9790