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Chapter 8 SS Test

Eggs 7th grade

What are the functions of the National Bank? The Bank was a safe place for the gov. to hold funds, and it would be able to issue paper money that would serve as a national currency.
What was Washingtons response to the Whiskey Rebellion? He sent the military to tell the people to stop.
The scandal where French agents tried to get bribes from the United States. XYZ Affair
Where peace was held in 1800? France
Who was responsible for avoiding the war? President Adams
Which political party passed laws to limit immigration and restrict free speech during a period of troubles with France? Federalists
Something the country was dealing with since the writing of the constitution. States rights
Why did Wasthington advise against becomming involved in European affairs? Because he felt European affairs would disrupt our peace and prosperity.
Which groups supported the Federalists? Merchants, property owners and workers whose jobs depended on manufacturing or trade.
Similarities between French & American revolutions. Both were fights against the monarchy for freedom.
Who had the greatest impact on the economic policy of the Washington administration? Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Why did Southerners oppose Hamilton's financial plan? Because many southern states had repaid wartime debts on their own and felt the other states should do the same.
Why did Southerners agree to Hamilton's financial plan? Because the government agreed to build its new capital city in the South between Virgina Maryland.
What happened to the area from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi under the treaty that ended the American Revolution? The land went to the United States and the British promised to withdraw their soldiers.
What happened as a result of the treaty of Greenville? The Native American nations gave up most of their land.
What did Republicans think Sedition Acts violated? The Constitution, especially the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech.
Issues that divided Federalists and Republicans during Adam's presidency. Troubles with France, the Alien and Sedition Acts, and States Rights.
A person who invests in a risky venture in the hope of making large profit. Speculator
Someone from another country. Alien
A person who discovers new places. Explorer
Second president of the United States John Adams
How did Republicans and Federalists interpret the Constitution differently? Republicans favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution whereas Federalists favored a loose interpretation.
Who argued the Federlist Papers and thght fractions were selfish groups? John Jay
Who had the greatest impact on the economic policy of the Washington administration? Alexader Hamilton
Created by: cseibert
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