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Chabner Ch 11 WC rev

Chabner Ch 11 WWC Chapter Review

aneurysm/o Local widening (dilation) of an arterial wall.
angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta, largest artery
arter/o, arteri/o artery, vessel that carries blood away from heart
ather/o yellowish plaque, fatty substance
atri/o atrium, upper chamber of heart
axill/o armpit
brachi/o arm
cardi/o heart
cholesterol/o cholesterol (a lipid substance)
coron/o heart
cyan/o blue
isch/o hold back
my/o muscle
myx/o mucus
ox/o oxygen (gas)
pericardi/o pericardium, (membrane surrounding heart)
phleb/o vein
pulmon/o lung
sphygm/o pulse
steth/o chest
thromb/o clot
valv/o valve
valvul/o valve
vas/o vessel
vascul/o vessel
ven/o, ven/i vein (carries blood toward the heart
ventricul/o ventricle, lower chamber of heart
-constriction narrowing
-dilation widening, stretching, expanding
-emia blood condition (abnormal)
-graphy process of recording
-lysis breakdown, destruction
-megaly enlargement
-meter measure
-oma tumor, mass
-osis abnormal condition
-plasty surgical repair
-sclerosis hardening
-stenosis tightening, stricture, narrowing
-tomy process of cutting
a-, an- no, not, without
brady- slow
de- lack of, down, less, removal of
dys- bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
endo- in, within
hyper- above, excessive
hypo- below, deficient, under, less than normal
inter- between
peri- surrounding
tachy- fast
tetra- four
tri- three
Created by: jjanis1
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