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smc volume 2 review

201. Who administers the Caution Tag Program? Fuels laboratory.
201. What acts as the USAF's service control point? AFPET.
201. Who is the first line of defense in fuel quality assurance? Fuels laboratory.
201. Who is charged with daily management of fuels resources? FISC.
201. Who manages matters associated with quality, inventory, and the physical condition of fuels terminals? DESC regions.
201. Who is the focal point for documentation of all fuels account as outlined in AFMAN 23-110, Volume 2, Part Two? FSC.
201. Who acts as integrated manager/DOD central procurement agent for bulk petroleum, natural gas, coal and associated services? DESC.
201. Formulates and disseminates instructions and other directives that cover operations not specified in detail in AFMAN 23-110, Volume 2? MAJCOM.
201. Who ensures complete accountability and responsibility for handling of bulk petroleum fuels and missile fuels at each Air Force base? FMT.
202. What color text is used on the BSM-E log sheet to signify completed or cancelled servicing operations. Gray.
202. When completing a BSM-E servicing log, which function key is used to input a TDY request? F3.
202. Which BSM-E status board is used to store information about R-12s and hose carts. Hydrants status board.
202. How many status boards does BSM-E use to give controllers up-to-date information? Eight.
202. List the information a fuels controller should provide an operator at the time of dispatch. Grade of fuel to be services, refueling vehicle/equipment registration number, authorized delivery point, reason and estimated quantity of defuel (if applicable), and applicable fuel servicing checklist.
Define intransit variance. The difference between the quantity shipped and the quantity received.
List the intransit and storage tolerance factors for MOGAS. 0.5% (.005).
What formula would be used to calculate storage gain/loss tolerances? Gain/loss divided by the sum of the beginning inventory + receipts + gains (injections and regrades).
How often are variances reported? Monthly.
When determining variances, what loss category should be used for losses caused by nature? Major disasters.
Which base organization is responsible for developing aircraft flying schedules? Aircraft Maintenance.
Who is responsible for reviewing aircraft flying schedules and coordinating with the fuels operation superintendent to ensure all mission requirements are met? The FISC Superintendent.
What form is used to record fuel transactions to non-DOD customers? DD Form 1898.
What agency assigns "T" DODAACs to Non-DOD customers that are authorized credit sales? DESC.
Through whom must VIL key request be coordinated? The unit financial resource manager responsible for oversight and management of unit operating funds.
How long must a copy of the VIL key request and the signed vehicle/equipment VIL key listing be maintained in the DFSP document control file? Three years.
What information should be entered in the vehicle identification field when encoding VIL keys for rental cars? The vehicle license plate number.
When encoding VIL keys, when would the Customer Supplemental Billing DODAAC field be used? When the payment office DODAAC is different than the customer DODAAC.
List the forms that are required to be maintained in a servicing clipboard. AFTO Form 422, Differential Pressure Log, AF Form 1232, Bulk Fuel Issue/Defuel Summary, and a sufficient quantity of DD Forms 1898, Fuel Sales Slip.
When is marking and color-coding of clipboards not required? When handling only one type of aviation or ground fuel.
What are the color-coding requirements for a JP-8 servicing clipboard? Yellow with blue stripes.
What color stripes would be used on a diesel fuel servicing clipboard to denote biodiesel? Green.
What clipboard color denotes automotive gasoline products, such as leaded and unleaded gasoline, as well as ethanol? Red.
What is the primary means of communication between the FSC and other operating activities? Intrabase radios.
Who is responsible for the effective management of PWCS items? The flight PWCS manager.
Radio 10 codes are listed in what publication? AFI 23-201, Attachment 2.
Who must fuels controllers notify in the event of a disaster or emergency? The entire fuels management flight, the squadron commander, and the wing command post.
Who designates a backup facility as an alternate FSC? FISC Superintendent.
What does the charging manifold assembly on an FCS 2001 cryogenic sampler include? A sample cup assembly, a shielded cup assembly, a sample inlet port, a cooling liquid outlet port, heat transfer fins, and a burst disc to protect the assembly from over pressure.
What type of contaminants is present in the atmosphere and can be added to LOX during production? Hydrocarbons.
Which LOX contaminant is considered the most hazardous? Acetylene.
Which three distinct forms of inert solids can be found in LOX? Particulate matter, moisture, and carbon dioxide.
What three things do area labs analyze in samples from LOX storage tanks? Purity, odor, and minor constituents.
When pressurizing a LOX storage tank for a sampling operation, how much pressure should you build up in the tank to obtain a good sample? 30 psi.
After connecting the fill hose to the charging manifold assembly inlet, what should you do next? Slowly open the valve on the storage tank and allow the liquid to flow through the hose into the charging manifold assembly and out through the outlet fitting.
How long should the sampling valve on the FCS 2001 sampler be left open to capture a sample? Two minutes.
Unless otherwise specified, what is the minimum sample size for aviation fuel to be sent to an off-base laboratory? Two gallons.
What type of overpacking must not be used because of sample contamination? Vermiculite.
What form is used to identify a fuel sample for shipment? AFTO Form 475.
What types of water are always present to some extent in fuel? Both fresh and salt water, as well as dissolved water.
What term is used to describe water that has settled out of fuel? Free water.
List the sources of sediment commonly found in fuel systems. Storage tanks, metal vessels, filter or filter separator elements, valves, pumps, meters, pipelines, hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, and seals.
What is the most common solid contaminant found in fuel? Rust.
Recoverable and waste petroleum products are separated into how many categories? Five.
What should be done with commingled products containing synthetics, lead, or halogenated hydrocarbons? They should be disposed of as hazardous waste.
At a minimum, how many times should a reclaimed product that has been returned to storage be filtered before re-issue to an aircraft? Two.
When returning reclaimed product to hydrants, what blending ratio should be maintained? One gallon of reclaimed fuel to 10 gallons of hydrant tank contents.
With whom should sampling and disposal of fuel tank dike drainage and tank bottom water be coordinated? Base environmental manager.
At what temperature is the API gravity test most accurate? 60 degrees F.
What is the acceptable temperature range for the API gravity test? 30 to 90 degrees F.
When using a hydrometer, where do you take a correct reading? Where the principle surface of the liquid cuts the scale.
What table provides conversions for observed API gravity to API gravity at 60 degrees F for JP-8? ATSM D 1250, Volume II, Table 5B.
What is the most accurate way to determine total solid content in fuel samples? The bottle method.
Within the test procedures for solids and filtration time within the bottle method testing, what temperature range must the fuel be kept at? 64 to 86 degrees F.
What is the preferred method for measuring water content in the fuel? Gamma Aqua Glo method.
How is free water indicated when performing AEL free water analysis? In parts per million by the standard located in the AEL detector.
What steps must you take if the Aqua Glo test pad is not read immediately after sampling? Place in a desiccator to prevent moisture pickup from the air.
When calibrating the EMCEE model 1152 conductivity meter, what reading should you get if the probe is stamped with the number 35? 345 to 355.
When performing FSII analysis, at least how many minutes should pass after the separatory funnel has been placed in the ring stand to allow for fuel water separation? Two minutes.
What must be done with flammable chemicals and fuels when performing flashpoint determination? All flammable chemicals and fuels in the laboratory must be tightly capped and placed under an operating exhaust hood or in a closed cabinet.
Describe how base-level stocks of diesel fuel can be winterized locally if winter grade diesel fuel is unavailable. By blending kerosene or other low cloud point solvents or fuel with base-level stocks.
During what time period should bases that have experienced cold weather problems with diesel fuel perform cloud point/cold pour point tests on all DF-2 received? October through March.
When performing cloud point/cold pour point analysis, why should all testing procedures involving the final bath be performed under an operating exhaust or fume hood? The isopropyl alcohol used in the final cloud point bath is flammable.
Why should carbon dioxide only be used in a well ventilated area when performing cloud-point/cold pour point analysis? Carbon dioxide displaces oxygen, which can lead to asphyxiation.
How should a cloud point temperature be recorded? To the nearest whole degree.
What BSM-E module do laboratory technicians use to record sampling information? The quality control module.
When creating a new sample record, what information do you enter in the SAMPLE ID user field? The name of the operator that took the sample.
How are failed tests identified in Quality Control browse? Failed test appear in red text.
Who is responsible for determining which element in the fuels flight will manage danger tags? Fuels management team.
When is the base safety office notified that a danger tag has been removed? During normal duty hours.
Who is responsible for notifying the FSC when a caution tag is placed or removed? NCOIC Fuels Laboratory or laboratory personnel.
What is the most common method used for securing clipboards for equipment placed on QC hold? A locked box with a slot big enough to place the clipboards through.
What is the purpose of trend analysis? Trend analysis is performed in order to identify significant negative trends patterns that develop in fuel quality.
Who defines what constitutes a negative trend? The FMT.
With what agency should the fuels material control supervisor coordinate supply and equipment transactions? Base LRS.
How long should documents received and/or generated by the GPC cardholder to support transactions be retained? Three years.
Within how many workdays at the end of the billing cycle should the GPC cardholder reconcile transactions and approve their electronic statements of accounts? Three.
What items should the GPC cardholder verify before making an open-market purchase? The dollar amount is corrected and that no sales tax has ben inclued.
List the information the GPC cardholder should instruct the vendor to include on the shipment document or packing slip. Cardholder name, correspondence symbol, building number, room number, street address, city and state, cardholder telephone number, and the term "Government-wide Purchase Card."
How much retainability is required for personnel attending ABFDS or FARP school? Two years.
When should the fuels mobility supervisor schedule flight physicals and physiological training for FARP and ABFDS trained personnel? At least 45 days before the due date.
With whom should the fuels mobility supervisor work in conjunction with to ensure the appropriate SEI is awarded to personnel completing specialized training? The fuels training supervisor.
What two forms should the fuels mobility supervisor maintain for assigned ABFDS qualified personnel? AF Form 702 and AF Form 1042.
At what locations should a Fuels Mobility Support element be established? At locations storing or using mobility equipment.
List the criteria that must be met before an individual in upgrade training can be assigned a 5-skill level. Completion of 5-level CDCs, completion of all 5 level core tasks outlined in the Specialty Training Standard, completion of a minimum 15 months OJT (9 months for retrainees), and a recommendation of the trainee's supervisor.
When are individuals placed in 7-skill level upgrade training? On the first day of the promotion cycle after being selected for promotion to SSgt.
What agency approves core task waivers for Air National Guard personnel? Headquarters Air National Guard.
How often should the fuels training supervisor review all training records? Semiannually.
At what locations are formal rotational training programs not required? At locations with fewer than 15 military personnel and those assignments with 12 to 15 month tours.
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