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C-17 Test station

How many Versa Modulo Europa extensions for instrumentation (VXI) controller cards does the C-17 automatic test equipment station use, and what slot do they occupy in the VXI chassis? 4;0
How many general-purpose interface buses does the C-17 automatic test equipment station have? 3
Where does facility power enter the C-17 automatic test equipment station? Primary alternating current box
What does the uninterruptible power supply provide power for in the C-17 automatic test equipment station? Computer and peripherals
Pressing the off portion of the main power switch on the C-17 automatic test equipment station control panel removes input power to all components, except the power distribution unit and primary alternating current (AC) box
Which power supply in the C-17 automatic test equipment station is actually four units set up as two master slave pairs? DLM60-10
With the optional OP1 installed, which power supply in the C-17 automatic test equipment station can also be used as a measurement device? 2003RP
The C-17 ATE station digital test instruments are composed of one central resource board (CRB) and two channel cards
In the C-17 ATE station, which component of the spectrum cross point matrix provides switching between 48 analog channels and 16 analog backplane lines? Matrix module
In the C-17 ATE station Versa Modulo Europa extensions for instrumentation chassis 2A3, which component works with the slot 0 controller to control the switch assemblies in that chassis? Option 01T module
What components are located behind the interface connector assembly of the C-17 ATE station? Spectrum cross point matrix (SCPM) 1A3 and VXI chassis 1A4
The interface connector assembly connector modules are connected to C-17 ATE station Versa Modulo Europa extensions for instrumentation components by interconnect adapters referred to as funnels
In the C-17 ATE stations VM 3640 arbitrary waveform generators, what are the frequency limits for the sine and square wave, and all other waveforms, respectively? 20 MHz; 1MHz
The C-17 ATE station's avionics interface controllers support what types of communication? RS-232, RS-422, RS-429, and ARINC-573
Which C-17 ATE station component can measure the harmonic frequencies of an input signal? 227 phase angle voltmeter
What independent channels does the C-17 ATE's pneumatic pressure stimulus cart provide for units under testing? one for static and one for pitot
What component(s) of the computer automated display test set is/are only used to test the C-17's heads-up display LRU? Low-level photopic high-speed photomultiplier tube
What functions as the intelligent interface between the C-17 ATE test station and the measurement devices when testing the multifunction display and heads-up display? Radiometer
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