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BIO201 - Ch 13 - Cranial & Spinal Nerve Info - Marieb/Hoehn - Rio Salado - AZ

There are __ pairs of cranial nerves. 12
Cranial Nerves Pneumonic Tool? Oh, once one takes the anatomy final, very good vacations are here!
First 3 O's of cranial nerves? Olfactory, optic, & oculomotor
4th & 5th Cranial Nerve T's? Trochlear (IV), Trigeminal (V)
Which cranial nerve for taste? Facial (VII)
Which cranial nerve for hearing? Vestibulocochlear VIII
Which 3 cranial nerve for tongue? Facial (VII), Flossopharyngeal (IX), & Vagus (X)
Which cranial nerves move the eyeballs? Oculomotor (III), Trochlear (IV), & Abducens (VI)
Which cranial nerve extends beyond the head & neck? Vagus (X)
Largest of cranial nerves is? Trigeminal Nerves (V) - face to pons
Bell's Palsy caused by inflammation of __ nerve? Facial Nerve VII
__ nerve paralysis can lead to loss of voice? Vagus Nerve (X)
Pneumonic to remember functions of cranial nerves (Sensory, Motor, or Both). Some Say Marry Money, but My Brother Believes (its) Bad Business (to) Marry Money.
There are __ pairs of spinal nerves. 31 Pairs
Number of spinal nerves in each division? 8c - 12T - 5L - 5S - 1C
Each spinal nerve connects to spinal cord by __. A dorsal & ventral root.
Ventral roots contain __. Motor (efferent) fibers - arise from dorsal root ganglia.
Dorsal roots contain __. Sensory (afferent) fibers - arise from dorsal root ganglia.
Spinal nerves contain __ fibers. Motor & sensory (mixed)
Spinal nerve rami & branches supply __. Entire somatic region of body from neck down.
Only ventral rami form __. Nerve plexuses
Each dorsal ramus innervates the narrow strip of muscle & skin __. In line with its emergence point from spinal column.
The ventral rami of T1-T12 Intercostal Nerves
T12 Subcostal Nerve
Cervical plexus formed by? Ventral rami of 1st 4 cranial nerves.
Phrenic Nerve Diaphragm - hiccups
Brachial plexus Innervate upper limb - medial to lateral - Ventral rami, trunks, divisions, cords (Really Tired? Drink Coffee).
Pneumonic to remember bracial plexus? Really Tired? Drink Coffee - (Rami, trunks, divisions, cords).
Which nerve when injured makes it difficult to use pincer grasp & involved w/carpal tunnel? Median Nerve
Funny bone pain due to __ nerve. Ulnar Nerve
Thickesst & longest nerve in body. Sciatic Nerve
Which nerve mediates erection & urination? Pudendal Nerve
Dermatome Area of skin innervated by cutaneous branches of single spinal nerve.
Hilton's Law Any nerve serving a muscle @ joint also innervates teh joint & skin above it.
The planners & coordinators of complex motor activites. Cerebellum & basal Nuclei
Lowest to highest - levels of motor hierarchy. Segmental, projection, & precommand
Created by: Ladystorm



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