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Yvania's chapt 24


acrochordon SKIN TAG, benign grown on neck, eyelids, axilla or groin
alopecia partial/ complete loss of hair, anticancer
claudication** cramplike pains in calves (legs), poor circulation
ectropion** eversion(turning OUTWARD)of edge of eyelid
entropion** inversion(turning INWARD)of edge of eyelid
geriatrics** branch of medicine that deals with physiological char. of aging, diagnosis/treatment of elderly
geriontics pertaining to OLD AGE
gerontology study of old people during aging process
gerontophobia abnormal fear of growing old
geropsychiatry study/ treatment of psychiatric aspects of aging/ MENTAL DISORDERS of elderly
hypopigmentation unusual lack of skin color
middle-old 75-84yrs
myopia cant see far. NEARSIGHTEDNESS
presbyopia loss of near vision, poor vision from aging process FARSIGHTEDNESS
tugor a reflection of skins elasticity
young-old 65-74yrs
osteoporosis *porous bones, once strong became fragile due to loss of bone density *fractures occur in normal activity, minimal trauma, loss of standing height(2in) kyphosis(dowager's hump)
paget's disease nonmetabolic disease of the bone, FLAT BONES,commonly affects middle aged,elderly
osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease, common form of arthritis
cerebrovascular accident(CVA) neurological deficit, localized area of the brain, aka STROKE or BRAIN ATTACK
parkinson's disease degenerative slowly progressing, deterioration of nerves in brains motor system, muffled speech, difficulty swallowing,stooped posture, bowed head, pill rolling gestures
shingles acute viral infection, inflammation underlying spinal or cranial nerve pathway (chicken pox)
congestive heart faliure(CHF) weakness, cant breath, abnormal discomfort,edema in lower portions, flow of blood through the vessels being slowed
achalasia decreased mobility, lower 2/3 or esophagus cnostriction of lower esophageal sphincter HARD TO SWALLOW
constipation** cant pass dry stools/ bowel movements
diverticular disease expression used for diverticulosis and diverticulitis
diverticulosis** non inflammed outpouchings or herniations through muscle layer of intestine
diverticulitis** inflammation of outpouchings
cataract** cloudy, no transparency, alters perception to retina
macular degeneration** progressively deterioration of retinal cells in macula, SENILE
alzheimer's disease** AD
coronary artery disease** CAD
congestive heart failure** CHF
cerebrovascular accident, stroke** CVA
gerontological nurse practitioner** GNP
Created by: geegad