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B1 Test station

What voltages do the power supplies in the digital defensive ATE augmentation equipment (DAAE) power distribution group provide to the functional test groups (FTG)? 5 VDC, 12 VDC, and +/-15 VDC
The digital defensive (ATE) augmentation equipment (DAAE) functional test group (FTG) that provides the programmed input/output (I/O) scenario and direct memory access for the control interface unit (CIU) line replaceable unit (LRU) is the avionics control unit (ACU)
Which FTG is used to test the control interface unit (CIU) line replaceable unit (LRU) in conjunction with the CIU FTG? Emitter simulator processor (ESP)
The digital defensive automatic test equipment (ATE) augmentation equipment (DAAE) test adapter group (TAG) serves what testing purpose? Digital DAAE self-test
On the ATE DAAE, what wire list includes columns labeled LEVEL 1 GOES TO and LEVEL 2 GOES TO? Double-entry wire listing
On the ATE DAAE, the SIGNAL NUMBER column of the double-entry wire list is used to cross-reference with what other list? Signal family
On the ATE DAAE, which of the following abbreviated test language for all systems constructs is peculiar to the radio frequency (RF) DAAE only? PATTERN-GENERATOR
Routing of AC power to LRU power supplies in the RF module is performed by the controlled turn-on panel
The FLAG OUT signal generated by the RF module controlled turn-on panel assembly tells the computer that one or more DC power supplies are enabled.
The operation that best describes a RF module DC power switching assembly is it routes DC power to the test station interface connector assembly (ICA)
The reference frequency for the RF module MSC and spectrum analyzer is provided by the RF synthesizer 3A1A4
Phase shifting of a pulsed RF input by 0 and 180 defines biphase modulation
Which RF module TRU is used specifically for making measurements? Spectrum analyzer
Which characteristic is necessary to make a phase noise measurement? Identical frequency, constantly changing phase relationship
The RF module power meter is capable of measuring RF power with a range of -70 to +35 dBm
The signal characteristics that can be measured by the MSC in the RF module are rise/fall time, PRF, and modulation frequency
FM deviation is the amplitude of the modulation signal
The signals required by the MSC when making a biphase measurement are biphase modulated RF LO1, LO2, and LRU 50 MHz REF
ATLAS statements peculiar to R/EW test stations are used for all of the following except 5.6 kHz power sourced
The ATLAS command that can be used only during internal confidence testing, when you are programming the fixed DV power supply is SETUP
The ATLAS command that performs the same function as the VERIFY command, but without the evaluation field, is MEASURE
Where are the entry and exit ports, respectively, for airflow through the station cabinets? Rear, top
During the testing of the RF source (RFS) band 4 through band 8 LRU, what provides the digital signal processing and control in response to the IATE program? RF defensive ATE augmentation equipment (DAAE)
What RF defensive ATE DAAE FTG consists of processors, receivers, and pulse generators under TMA FTG control? Frequency encoder
Which self-test configuration uses the defensive ATE DAAE ITA, IATE ITA, STA, and self-test cables but nothing is required to be connected to the RF DAAE? RF DAAE TAG self-test
The cable termination list can be used for troubleshooting and assembly procedures
Where does facility AC power enter the advanced digital test station? Primary AC box
In the advanced digital test station, what is the output range of the six DC source meters? 5 microvolts to 63 volts
How many and of what size are the removable mass storage drives used in the advanced digital test station controller? 2, 80 GB
On the advanced digital test station, which interface uses the ResMan communication utility program to establish a bus communication path? VXI
On the advanced digital test station, what components must be removed and replaced as a set because of factory calibration? The VM2164 two channel TIC, two VM2601 14-bit digitizers, and the SMP 1200-S-11267 attenuator
In the advanced digital test station's Agilent 33250A arbitrary waveform generator, what are the upper-frequency limits for sine and square wave outputs and for pulse waveform outputs, respectively? 80 GHz, 50 GHz
The flow rate of cooling oil from the oil-cooling cart to the LRU being tested is determined by the requirements of the UUT
Which of the following is true about the operation of the oil-cooling cart? Unused hydraulic circuit is bypassed with a jumper hose assembly
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