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What IAIS IUB CCA provides the video and synchronization signals used to display raster patterns on the UUT? Raster video generator "A"
What IAIS IUB CCA provides video bright-up signals, and X- and Y- symbol deflection during testing? Advanced display controller
What types of RF output signals are available from the IAIS MSU? CW, AM, PM, and side-lobe suppression
What is the output frequency range of the IAIS MSU's frequency synthesizer SRU, as reference from the 10-MHz reference in the MMU's low-frequnecy receiver SRU? 2.4-12.4 GHz
The IAIS MMU measure RF signals ranging from 30 MHz-18.5 GHz
In the IAIS MMU, what SRU's output is routed to the self-test CCA, which then provides accurate power measurement and a wide dynamic range for VW and pulsed signals? IF long/lin receiver
Which IAIS MMU component provides gate signals to the timing generator/counter-timer CCA for frequency measurements? Self-test CCA
What optical test bench assembly provides stimulus to the ambient light sensors of the wide-angle conventional HUD unit and diffractive optics HUD unit? Light source
When viewed from the optical test bench's digital theodolite, what establishes the optical reference? Calibration fixture assembly
The power distribution system on the optical test bench receives its power from the PCU
The programmable output range of the variable DC power supply on the optical test bench is 0 to +18 VDC; 1.6 amp
The input voltage tolerance for the line power monitor on the IAIS PCU is 177-268 VAC phase-to-phase, or 107-156 VAC phase-to-neutral
The power factor correction circuitry in the power conversion assembly of the improved avionics intermediate shop power and control unit ensures the input current is in phase with the input voltage
The RF filter interference assemblies in the IAIS PCU are designed to provide 125 amps of circuit protection for the PCU when facility power becomes unstable.
The IAIS PSU is configured for interface with the station computer by means of two eight-position DIP switches located on the GPIB interface CCA
On the IAIS FCU, the 800- Hz module assembly gets its operating power from the auxiliary bias supply
Which CCA of the IAIS test station computer communicate with the photometer and theodolite components of the optical test bench? RS-232 serial interface
The only value that can be specified for the voltage modifier in the improved avionics intermediate shop discrete syntax is 28 VDC
How many IAIS ATLAS syntax statements can you use to control the power supply unit? Four
On IAIS general-purpose switch CCA, operational control signals for relays K26 through K30 come from the UUT or the computer
On IAIS expansion measurement matrix CCA, low-voltage channels 1 and 2 connect any one of 40 analog input signals to any one of seven outputs
What IAIS CCA consists primarily of five modular-divided-by-N counters and nine gate arrays? Modular low-power RF
Which IAIS CCA provides biphase stimulus to the UUT, and then evaluates the biphase response from the UUT? Serial interface
Besides providing peculiar I/O capabilities for the UUT and I/O interface backplane, the IAIS controller CCA has built-in capabilities to monitor the power supply self-test and interface test adapter interlock
The IAIS improved LF measurement CCA route conditioned signals for measurement to the analog channel CCAs in IUA
The frequency range of the IAIS HF measurement CCA is DC to 10 MHz
Which IAIS IUA CCA drive the analog AFG CCAs to generate arbitrary waveforms? Digital AFG
The rate-delay trigger pulse generated by the IAIS rate-delay generator CCA acts as a transfer strobe for enabling analog signal measurements
How are FREQ adjustments made to the IAIS 10- MHz standard? By adjusting the on-board trim potentiometer
What programmable attributes are available for the output signal from the IAIS pulse generator output CCA? Amplitude, offset, and transition time
What IAIS IUB CCA generates pulses and pulse trains for the timing of analog stimulus and measurement? Timing generator
The IAIS refrigeration unit begins conditioning the UUT cooling air coming from the blower unit when the air from the blower unit exceeds 62.6F
When operating under manual control, the IAIS blower unit operates at minimum speed
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