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medical language 1-3

chapters 1-3

hyper- excessive
glyc/o sugar
-emia a blood condition
hyperglycema a blood condition of excessive sugar
hypo- under, or deficiency
derm/o skin
-ic pertaining to
bi- two
later/o side(s)
-al pertaining to
echo- using sound
cardi/o heart
-gram a record
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
bilateral pertaining to 2 sides
echocardiogram a record using sound of the heart
echocardiograph a machine used to record using sound of the heart
echocardiography the process of recording using sound of the heart
electrocardiogram a record of the electric activity of the heart
-graph the machine used to record
-graphy the process of recording
electro- the electrical activity
micro- small
bi/o life
-logy study of
-ist a specialist
microbiologist a specialist in the study of small life
supra- above
ren/o kidney
epi- above
gastro/o the stomach
suprarenal pretaining to above a kidney
epigastric pertaining to above the stomach
nephr/o kidney
lith/o stone(s)
-iasis abnormal condition
nephrolithiasis abnormal condition of kidney stone(s)
electrocardiograph machine used to record the electrical activity of the heart
electrocardiography the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart
thromb/o clot
cyt/o cell(s)
-osis abnormal condition
thrombocytosis abnormal condition of clot cell(s)
pre- before
nat/i birth
prenatal pertaining to before birth
post- after
postnatal pertaining to after birth
prandi/o meals
a- no
men/o menstrual
nas/o nose
-rrhea flow
sub- under
postprandial pertaining to after meals
subnasal pertaining to under the nose
amenorrhea no menstral flow
intra-, endo- within
muscul/o muscle
-ar pertaining to
inter- between
vertebr/a vertebrae AKA the spinal column (back bones)
endo-, intra- within
retro- behind
trache/o trachea AKA windpipe
stern/o sternum AKA the breast bone
trans- across or through
urethr/o urethra
urethra the tube that carrires urine from the urinary bladder to the outside world
anti- against
bacteri/o bacteria
leuko- white
-penia deficiency
vascul/o (blood) vessels
multi- many
para- live (viable) birth
-ous pertaining to
arthr/o joint
-centesis surgical puncture
colon/o the colon
-scope a usually lighted instrument used to view
-scopy the process of using a usually lighted instrument to view
lapr/o the abdomen
append/o appendix
-ectomy surgical removal (excision - the process of cutting out)
excision the process of cutting out
hepat/o liver
-itis inflammation
rhin/o nose
-plasty surgical repair
mast/o a breast
-pexy surgical fixation (surgically fix it so it does not move)
splen/o spleen
-megaly enlargement
oste/o bone
-tome an instrument to cut
phleb/o a vein
-tomy a surgical incision
-stomy a new arificial opeing
cephal/o the head
-algia or -dynia pain
thorac/o the thorax (chest)
hem/o, or hemat/o blood
-lysis or -lytic break up or destruction
-emesis vomiting
herni/o hernia
-rrhaphy suturing
-cide killing
path/o disease
-gen creation
-ic pertaining to
carcin/o cancerous
-oma tumor or mass
acr/o heights
phob/o fear
-ia a condition of
therm/o heat
-meter an instrument to measure
pelv/i pelvis
-metry the process of measuring
angi/o, or vas/o vessel
-rrhexas a rupture
-spasm an involuntary muscle contraction
quadri- (4)four (extremities)
pleg/o paralysis
thyr/o the thyroid
-oid resembling
tox/o poisoning
dipl- double
-opia vision
lip/o fat
-tripsy crushing
phas/o speech
hepat/o the liver
dys- difficult or painful
phag/o swallowing
-cele herniation
neur/o nerves
-y a condition
arteri/o artery (ies)
-stenosis narrowing
blephar/o an eyelid
-plasia, or -trophy, or plasm growth or development
neo- new
hyper- excessive
hemi-, or semi- right or left half (side) of the body
circul/o a circle
uni- one
later/o side
poly-, or hyper- excessive
-uria urination
tri- three
angul/o angles
an- or a- no
esthesi/o feeling or nervous sensation
circum-, or peri- around
cis/o cutting
-ion the process of
oste/o bone
ex- out
hetero- different
sex/o sexes
-ual pertaining to
homo- same
brady- slow
card/o heart
tachy- fast
-pnea breathing
-ptosis drooping or sagging
-rrhage or -rrhagia rapid flow
contra- against
cept/o conception
medic/o medicine
audit/o hearing
cutane/o skin
acous/o sound
Created by: pattiluv
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