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B. Culinary Midterm

Knife Cuts (6) Fine julienne (1/16x1/16x2), Julienne (1/8x1/8x2), Batonnet (1/4x1/4x2), Fine Brunoise (1/16x1/16x1/16), Brunoise (1/8x1/8x1/8), and Small dice (1/4x1/4x1/4)
Temperature difference for conventional and Convection ovens? 25*F
2 reasons why we bring roux to a simmer. thickens and browns
How long can you hold hollandaise? 2 hours
What flour has the highest starch content?
How do you adjust fresh to dry herbs? 3 fresh to 1 dry
How do you make a demi glace? half brown sauce, half brown stock, and reduce by half.
How do you make Jus lie? Juices from meat thickened with arrowroot.
What's the body of a stock? Proteins in a stock that puts weight on the palate.
What are 3 dry cooking methods? Grilling, frying, and baking
How do you make a supreme sauce (2 things)? Veloute and cream
What do you get when you add a liason to a veloute? Allemande
3 main ingredients to any marinade? Oil, acid, and flavorings
What is the menu style of a fast food restaurant? Static
Boiling point? 212
5 effects of heat? Gelatinization,
Simmering range? 185-205
Poaching range? 160-185
Deep frying range? 300-375
Volume and weight would be the same when (know 2 of 4)? flour, clarified butter
Fish stock cooking range? 3o mins - 1 hour
Chicken stock cooking range? 3-4 hours
Veal stock cooking range? 6-8 hours
3 things that need to happen in a hollandaise before adding butter? Triple volume, pale yellow color, and thickness of final sauce.
Internal temperature of ground beef?
How long can homemade mayonnaise hold?
How to make a coulis? Puree of veggies or fruit
2 functions of a sauce? enhances flavor of dish and moisture
Ingredients and methods of chicken stock?
Salamander is used for what? broiling
Fat starting to break down is called what?
Carmelization natural sugars that bring out flavor and color when cooked at in a hot pan.
Differents in stewing and braising?
Heat transfer, which one is the most forward? conduction
How to make an onion piquet? quarter an onion and stick a bay leaf on with
Cook vegetables without browning is called what? sweat
Difference between beurre rouge and beurre blanc? Red wine for Beurre Rouge and white wine for Beurre Blanc.
3 methods of heat transfer? Convection, conduction, and radiation
How to vent a stock? Place pot on top of 2 bricks in sink, fill sink with ice till it cools, store in walk-in.
Court boullian is used for what? fish dishes
3 soups of a supreme sauce? Albufera, Ivoire, aurore
Nage Aromatic court bouillon sometimes served as a light sauce or broth with fish or shellfish.
Maximum temperature of blooming yeast?
What happens when a stock boils? the clarity will decrease
Compound butter seasonings added to butter
6 properties of a sauce? color, opacity, luster, taste, texture, viscosity
Standardized recipe ensures what? quality, quantity, and consistency
5 mother sauces espanole, veloute, tomato, bechemel, hollandaise.
Liason is used for what? Thickening a sauce
How to clarify butter?
3 stages of a roux and a use for each stage? Blond, Brun, and
When removing fond it is called what? Deglazing
2 combination cooking methods? Braising and stewing
Sautouse skillet with straight sides
Controlling food cost ways? Use all edible trim, plan production to avoid leftovers, plan for use of leftovers, avoid minimum use of perishable items.
How to temper a liason and temperature range? whisk 3 eggs with 1 cup of heavy cream. Gradually raise temp. of mixture by slowly adding a small amount of hot liquid, while stirring. Raise the temp. to 140-180.
Glace de volaille Light brown, syrupy glaze made by reducing a chicken stock.
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