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western europe ws

western europe

During world war 1 the ________________ army controlled parts of northern and eastern France. German
From the 1500's to the 1700's _________ built a global empire. France
The french established colonies in the ______________,_______________, and __________________. Americas,Asia, and Africa
The French overthrew their king and established an _____________ government. elected
Napoleon ______________ took power then soon became emperor. Bonaparte
The collapse of the ___________ empire to about 1500 is called the middle ages. Roman
About 600 b.c the ________________ set up colonies. Greeks
_______________ has been occupied by people from many different parts of Europe . France
The _________________ conquered Gaul. Romans
france was part of a region known as ___________________. Gaul
In southern france people eat _________________ foods like wheat, olives and olive oil, cheese, and garlic. Mediterranean
About 90% of french people are _____________ ______________. Roman Catholic
When the Roman Empire collapsed the ___________ became the most important tribe in Germany. Franks
during the 1500's Germany was the center of the ___________________. Reformation
Many Germans are descendants of _________ that migrated from northern Europe. tribes
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