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On the ESTS, which F15 TPS selection menu option is the best method if you only know the name (nomenclature) of the LRU you are about to bench check? List Scrolling
On the ESTS, which TPS main menu option performs a test on a specific LRU SRU? Individual testing
Which ESTS main menu option provides ESTS configuration/status? Resource management
What RF equipment device provides the ESTS with its phase noise measurement capability? Signal analyzer
On the ESTS, at what internal temperature does the signal analyzers VOLT/TEMP indicator light? when it exceeds 75 degrees Celsius
On the ESTS, the RG generator No. 1 is capable of delivering what type of RG outputs? Amplitude, frequency, and pulse modulated
Regarding the RF equipment assembly No. 2, together the spectrum analyzer and what other device perform phase testing of line replaceable units? signal analyzer
Which spectrum analyzer MARKER key in RF equipment assembly No. 2, places a marker at the highest point on a signal trace and accesses a menu of marker functions? PEAK SEARCH key
The system controller operator interface on the ESTS consists of the flat panel display, integral resistive technology touchscreen, the 101-key keyboard, and video graphics adapter
On the ESTS, the SCSI card controls the magneto-optical drive, the removable hard drive, and CD-ROM drive
The system controller front panel INT power indicators illuminate to indicate the voltages that are present. What voltage levels are represented by each illuminated indicator? +5,-5,+12,-12,+28, and -28 VDC
On the ESTS, on the system controller keyboard, what key(s) suspends display activity until another key is pressed? Pause (break)
On the ESTS, what is used on the system controller external CD-ROM when it is not possible to open the CD-ROM drive using the Open-Close pushbutton? Emergency eject access hole
On the ESTS, on the system controller external CD-ROM, what decrements the CD track selection? Back track pushbutton
On the ESTS, what type of switch is used to control the configuration on the system controller external CD-ROM's feature selector switch? Dip
What does the ESTS main menu option TPS allow the operator to perform? LRU testing
On the ESTS, what type of peer meter is power meter (A5A8)? Dual input
On the ESTS, in what slots of the RF VXI assembly (A5) is the RF counter (A5A9) located? 9,10, and 11
On the ESTS, the VXI bus extender module (A6A1) serves as the interface between the MXI bus and how many analog stimulus and response modules? 10
On the ESTS, how many independent digital to analog converter channels does the digital to analog converter (A6A2) provide? 12
On the ESTS, each switch module No. 1 and No. 2 (A6A3 and A6A4) consists of 211 relays. What type of relays are they? DPDT
On the ESTS, the Form C relay module (A6A7) consists of how many independent Form C relays? 32
On the ESTS, the CDM (A6A11) has a counter-timer and digitizer instrument capability. How many input channels does each instrument have? 2
On the ESTS, the timing generator module (A7A8) provides basic timing for the digital word generators 1 through 5 and the advanced video system (A7A6)
On the ESTS, digital word generators 1,2, and 3 are what type of digital word generators? High-speed
On the ESTS, digital word generators 5 and 6 are what type of digital word generators? High-density
What are the power requirements for ESTS operation? 115 VAC single-phase
On the ESTS, which power control circuit breaker controls power to the AC and DC power equipment assemblies? PS Power ON/OFF
On the ESTS, which connector(s) of the interconnect assembly A10 (SIA1) connects to power distribution interconnections? P1,P2,P3, and P4
On the ESTS, which connectors on the interconnect assembly A12 (SIA3) connect to the system controller (A9)? J1 and J2
On the ESTS, when installing the interconnecting box A15 (maintenance ITA), the A15 mating is completed by rotating the two connectors engagement handles one turn clockwise.
What kind of Pentium processor does the ESTS system controller have? 90 MHz
On the ESTS, how many independently programmable power supply modules does the AC power supply assembly (A3A3) contain? 4
On the ESTS, what voltage programming range do the AC power supply modules provide? 0 to 135 VAC
On the ESTS, how many independently programmable DC power supply modules does the DC power supply assembly (A4A3) contain? 5
On the ESTS, what is the voltage programming range of the high voltage DC power supply module (DCPS6/A4A2)? 0 to 200 VDC
On the ESTS, the DC power supply modules (A4A3A2 through A4A3A6) provide what voltage programming range? 0 to 32 VDC
On the ESTS, in what slot of the RF VSI assembly (A5) is the VSI bus extender module (A5A1) located? 0
On the ESTS, which connector on the VSI bus extender module is a 52-pin connector? MXI bus
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