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History Ch.9.

9.1,9.4 and landforms

Who was the most famous pioneer of all times? Daniel Boone
What states would be formed from the Northwest Territory? Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota
What law would be passed to provide goverment for the Northwest Territory? The Northwest Ordinance.
How did a pioneer family prepare to move west? What routes might they take? What vehicles might they use? The Wilderness road, through the thick forests, and over the mountains through the Cumberland Gap. They decided when they would go, what they would take, and what animals would they bring. They would travel in a covered wagon.
How can the Eerie canal benifit farmers in the West and Manufacturers in the East? The Eerie canal is the first major man-made canal in the United States. It goes a distance of 363 miles. It allowed farmers to ship agricultural products East and manufatures to ship manufatured goods West in a much easier and faster way.
Who was the great English founder of the methodist church?
Who was the famous circuit rider who preached the gospel to the frontier people of Tennesse and Kentucky?
Created by: Cutierld
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