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International C

Cuisines Across Cultures

Risotto Made from Arborio or Carnaroli Rice.
Paella Main ingredient is bomba or calasparra rice.
Balsamic Vinegar Is from Modena
Dolmades An filled Greek appetizer stuffed around grape leaves.
Osso Buco Braise Veal shank
Spanakopita Spinach and feta cheese pie
Pho Vietnamese soup with noodles
Wok Is the most important Chinese cooking utensil
Pesto Genovese Comes from Liguria
Borscht Is beet soup
Curry In India a complete dish,most of the world it is a blend of spices
Chinese flavors Sour, salty, bitter, spicy and sweet
Nuoc Mam, Budu and Nam pla Are all examples of fish sauce
Tahini Is sesame seed paste
Tandoor Is a style of Indian oven
Schnitzel Is a thin meat cutlet breaded and then quickly fried
Gnocchi Is the name of any small dumoling dish, it can be made with potatoes but doesn't have to be
Cilantro Is also known as Chinese Parsley
Butter Is used mainly in the North of Italy
Rice in Italy is produced mainly in the? Po valley
Alba, Italy Is home of the white truffles
Empanadas and Pierogis Are both dough around a filling
Sevruga and Osetra Are types of caviar
Romesco Is a common all-purpose sauce in Spain
Cabrales Is a type of blue cheese
Masa Is the flour used to make dough in Mexico
Mole Is a term for a family of sauces of Mexico with many variations
Sushi Means with rice, Maki is rolls, Nigiri is individual pieces
The type of seaweed used to make sushi is? Nori
Japanese sweet wine is called? Mirin
Most common protein in Greece is? Lamb
Pancetta Is a rolled unsmocked pork belly
Dashi Is a stock of dried fish and seaweed
Ratatouille Is a vegetable dish from France
Belly meat of tuna is known as? toro
Stir-frying Is done over high heat for a relatively short period of time
Beans and rice are a common food item from? The Caribbean and Central and South America
Quesadillas Are filled tortillas, using at the least cheese, often other fillings
Blue Agave Is used to make tequlia
A Comal Is a flat cooking utensil
Achiote Is a paste made from annatto seeds, it provides a yellow color and a little spice
Feijoada Is a meat stew know as a national dish of Brazil
A Hangirl Is a wooden bowl used to cool sushi rice
Capsaicin Is the source of heat in peppers. It is measured on the Scoville scale.
Created by: r.burns