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40mm Grenade Machine Gun

What size projectile is fired from the MK19? 40 mm
What is a special feature of the barrel of the MK19? It is designed to not overheat even after prolonged firing
What is a MK64, MOD7? The gun cradle for the MK19
Describe the MK19. An air-cooled, blow back operated, belt-fed machine gun that is fed by a disintegrating metallic-link belt and fires 40mm grenade cartridges
What is the length of the MK19? 43.1 Inches
What is the maximum range of the MK19? 2,212 Meters
What is the maximum effective range of the MK19? Point - 1,500 Meters Area - 2,212 Meters
What are the rates of fire for the MK19? Sustained - 40 rds/min; Rapid - 60 rds/min; Cyclic - 325-375 rds/min
What is the muzzle velocity of the MK19? 798 Feet Per Second
What are the two most common malfunctions of the MK19? Runaway gun; Sluggish action
When taking immediate action for a "runaway gun" with the MK19, should you ever break the ammo belt? No
One click in rear site windage equals how many change? 1 mil
What mounts are available for the MK19? M3 Tripod; M4 Pedestal; M66 Ring; HMMWV Weapons Platform; M113 APC Commander's Cupola
Describe the sight system for the MK19.
What is the weight of the MK19 weapon system? System weight (Gun, Cradle and Tripod with feed throat) = 143 lbs; MK19 with feed throat = 78 lbs; MK64 = 21 lbs; M3 (tripod) = 44 lbs
What are the approved methods of destruction for the MK19? Mechanical Means; Burning; Gunfire; Demolition; Disposal
What FM covers the MK19? FM 3-22.27
What is the average recoil force of the MK19? 500 LBS
What is the type of ammunition fired from the MK19? M430 (HEDP); M383 (HE); M918 (TP); M922 (DUMMY)
What are the 6 steps in the MK19 cycle of operation? Charging; Extracting (delinking); Cocking; Firing; Blowback; Automatic Feeding
What are the proper procedures to clear a MK19?
What are the proper procedures for performing immediate action on the MK19?
Created by: r.burns
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